Sprintphone failure & replacement

I purchased a Alcatel flip phone at the Sprint store one month ago. The main display goes blank when the battery voltage drops down to half charge, and remains blank after charging. All buttons continue to function (like dialing a phone number, turning phone on & off, etc.), but you can not see anything. Only way to make the display work again is to remove the battery. We brought the phone back to the Sprint store 10 times (yes... 10 times) and since they would monkey around with it and get it working, they claimed there was nothing wrong with it. This 11th time was the last straw. We brought it in to the store, but they claim the only option is the send it to Alcatel for repair because it is 14 days past the date of purchase and they will not replace it. They sold me a defective phone and all I wanted was it to be replaced with the same model, but they refused. I know the employees are only following company policy, but of this I am not unhappy with the employees but the "Sprint" the company

Jul 31, 2018

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