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Sprint PCS / sprint's insurance scam

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How to protect yourself from Sprint's insurance scam

When you upgrade your phone with Sprint, do not accept $20 in exchange for your old phone­. This is a ploy so that you have to buy insurance, which actually gives you very little for your money.

Insurance is not a bad thing if it actually covers you, but with Sprint's insurance, for $7 per month, if you lose your phone or it breaks and you need a new one, you'll still have to pay a $100 deductible for a smartphone or $50 deductible for a regular phone. I paid $150 for my smartphone when i first purchased it with Sprint, but with Sprint's insurance I'd have to pay two thirds of that value for a replacement! So what's my $7 a month for then?!

To add further insult, the ‘new’ phone will not even be new, but a refurbished old phone, probably broken by some previous Sprint customer sucker.

However if you've kept your old phone, you can simply get them to reactivate that. It means you need no insurance and you need never pay for a new phone until you become eligible for your next upgrade, whereupon you will be sold a brand new phone at a substantially reduced price.

Perhaps, if, after several years, you find that you have accumulated old phones, then why not give Sprint your oldest, crappiest phone for the $20 and teach them a lesson about being suckered. Whatever you do though, always keep the phone from which you have just upgraded, as that old phone is now your insurance.

The tracker ball on my husband’s Blackberry stopped working, Sprint refused to fix it, made him buy a new phone and then gave him $20 in exchange for his 'unfixable' old phone. Suckered !!!

Sprint PCS

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  • Wh
      21st of Sep, 2010
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    Ok... first of all " if you lose your phone or it breaks and you need a new one, you'll still have to pay a $100 deductible for a smartphone or $50 deductible for a regular phone." ... When you have car insurance and you file a claim... there is usually a deductable.. not to mention, you were told up front that these deductables would be applied of you filed a claim.

    Second .. " So what's my $7 a month for then?! " consider if you will... without the insurance, you have 1 of 3 choices... 1. don't have a phone.. 2. upgrade to a new phone (if you are available) or 3. Pay RETAIL for a new phone... lets see... pay the deductable (just like car insurance) or pay anywhere upwards of $500 retail for a replacement... I think the $7 and deductable versus retail makes better sense.. don't you agree?

    Third ... " then gave him $20 in exchange for his 'unfixable' old phone. Suckered !!! " ... Suckered?? NO... Shut you up... YES

  • Be
      21st of Sep, 2010
    0 Votes

    Dear Why are you so stupid
    You might have money to burn and are welcome to waste it on Sprint 'insurance, ' but i'm following this good advice and using my old phone as my insurance !!!

  • Am
      30th of Mar, 2011
    0 Votes

    you may have paid $150 for the phone during an upgrade but full price is alot more then that for example right know the evo is $499.99 ... if you use upgrade its $199.99 so you lose your phone and you arent eligible for upgrade hmmm $100 or $500? Thats cool if you want to use your old phone as insurance but make sense and be rational when you try and know down the insurance lol because really your wrong..

  • Pa
      30th of Mar, 2011
    0 Votes

    Ambiekay, do you believe everything you're told?! Trust me when i tell you that the phones neither cost nor are worth $499.99. They're ten to the dozen and the whole thing is a scam. In England, where i come from, every upgrade is a free phone and your insurance also gives you a free phone when yours is lost, stolen or damaged. The problem is this stupid country called America, full of opportunists who constantly try to scam one another. This isnt a free market, it's a dishonest market!

  • Al
      27th of Jun, 2011
    0 Votes

    Most all Insurance Companies have deductibles, Lets see $7.00X12mos=84.00+100.00 deductible = $184.00 if lost, stolen or damaged in a year vs $500.00 or crappy old phone (the reason I renewed my two year contract in the first place) oh man, now I'm stuck with my old phone and have to wait one more year before I can get a new one at a discounted rate. hmmmm I'd rather pay Insurance for my stupidity, misfortune or bad luck.

    "Parise" we don't poke fun at your Country "England" so don't poke fun at ours "USA" if you don't like it here then LEAVE and go back to "England" YA WANKA and It's not the Companies that are dishonest its some people that take advantage of our Insurance system and defraud them. We all must pay for the very few that are dishonest. USA is #1, why do you think there are so many foreigners here???????? CAUSE YOU LOVE US!!!

  • Db
      30th of Aug, 2012
    0 Votes

    All insurance is a scam ...they are in business to collect as much as they can and pay out as little as possible. The difference between the two is their proffit margin. They will keep pushing in that direction until consumers will no longer pay for it. All insurance companies have started this deductable b.s. because they no longer have faith the product they are covering will not fail. My advise is to buy quality merchendise and protect it youself and stop giving money to blood sucking insurance companies.

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