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Sprint PCS / overcharged

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I went to Best Buy in Willmar, MN and upgraded mine and my girlfriends phone and to see about getting our plans joined. While there the cellular rep went over the different plans available for the family plan. So, of course with her and I trying to budget our money, we decided to go with their cheapest plan which was Talk Share 700 plan for $69.99 and then he pointed out that Unlimited text messaging was $10.00 to cover the first two phones in the plan and each phone of course would be additional. Also for unlimited data to cover the first two phones WITH unlimited picture messaging which would be included with the data was only $20.00 to cover both phones. So, we figured that was $99.99 plus taxes was still cheaper then her and I having our individual plans.

So, we decided to go for it. After careful searching he found out he was not able to do it, so I asked him if he could call Sprint then and have them walk him through it or he could walk them through it and get us squared away. He called Sprint and sat on the phone with the rep for about approximately 5 minutes and got a line of bull telling him that we had to wait 3-5 business days for a call back in order to join the accounts and that we would each get an individual phone call to confirm the changes.

I was like, this is bull crap because every other company I have ever been with would do the changes right then and there as long as both people were available of course to confirm the changes. I could not figure out what the purposes were to wait 3-5 business days. Well, he got off the phone and told us that. I was like 'WHAT!?' That is so bogus.

So, I called back to Sprint and asked them what the deal was? They claimed some other department handles the change of ownership calls. I was like, 'then just transfer me to that department so we can get this squared away.' She was like, 'I can't do that sir. Company policy states that we have to follow procedure and procedure is 3-5 business days. I told the lady, that with working two full-time jobs, going to school FT, and my girlfriend doing the same that we barely get to see each other and when we do it is after business hours. I told her that this is the most convenient time because we are not allowed to answer our phones at our jobs or during class time.

I got so frustrated with the lady because she was very uncooperative and getting snobby with me, so I dished it right back at her. By the time I was done, I told her that if we miss the phone call and have to wait 3-5 business days again, that there is going to be some real serious problems. She didn't care what so ever. I hung up the phone on her. Then I asked the guy (Best Buy rep) if he could just get her and I set up on individual plans which are the same and then get us the discounts on the phones. He said he could but needed to have it verified through sprint. So, I called sprint back and spoke to another rep and he set up the plans and then the Best Buy guy got us the discounts on the phones.

All was squared away and all we had to do was wait for Sprint's Change of Ownership department to call us back to get the phones joined on to one account. Well the next day a rep tried calling my girlfriend's phone while she was in class. Just as I hoped that WOULD NOT do, but they did. She was unable to answer the phone and therefore she missed the call.

The rep left a message, but we wanted to make sure my girlfriend and I were together at the change of ownership so we could make sure everything got squared away right.

Well we could not call the rep back same day, so we decided to get together on my works lunch the next day and make the call. I called the number that the rep left on the voicemail and spoke to a lady on there and told her the situation. She then got the two accounts joined into one. Then I asked her if she could set us up on the family plan. She went ahead and did so.

Next, I asked her to make sure she added the unlimited data plan and unlimited text messaging along with the unlimited picture mail that was included with the data plan. I told her what we were quoted from the best buy rep. She said, yes she will get that squared away. Therefore, I assumed everything was taken care and squared away.

Later that same day or shall I say night I came home and thought I would check out our account online to see how they had it squared away. Come to find out, I was being charged for my data plan at 2182 KB at 65.46 in charges.

Also, some apparent kids channel I was being charged for as well for 9.99.

I was getting upset again with Sprint and called them back. I asked them why I was being billed for data charges and that I want them removed because I was suppose to be on a data plan that should have prevented them charges. The rep tells me I was never placed on any data plan and then apparently it was 20.00 per phone to cover data charges. I was like excuse me? I was not quoted that from the best buy rep and I never had any disagreement from that lady who said she was going to square it away.

I asked to speak to the supervisor again and got the complete run around from the supervisor as well. This went on and on for about 20 minutes at least until I got so irritated and frustrated that I asked to speak to someone higher than the supervisor. The supervisor claimed that there was no one higher than her to transfer to. So, I asked: ' You are telling me that there is no one higher than you to speak with so you are the owner of the company?' She said, 'no she was not the owner of the company.' Then I said, 'Well, then there is obviously someone higher than you.'

After about another 10 minutes of disputing it with her, she finally got her floor manager on the phone. He said maybe there was something he could do since he has more authority then the supervisor. He looked into it and after all was said and done I was paying the 20.00 for datat that covered both phones, but apparently I had to pay 15.00 instead of the 10 to cover both phones for unlimited text messaging.

I was ok with it and did not want to deal with it any more so I accepted it. Well, later my girlfriend tells me she was trying to send a picture message, but it was telling her that it was going to cost 20 cents per message. I was like, well I guess I am going to have to call and dispute the issues again.

Upon doing so, they basically wanted to charge me 20.00 per phone for the data plan again and 10.00 extra per phone for picture messaging and then 7.50 per phone for text messaging.

Also at this time I had re-reviewed my account again and fount she was also being charged 7.95 for some channel she never ordered as well. I got all the way up to a supervisor and they apparently told me that they saw no charges on my bill for the data usage, but they could see the charges for the channels. I told them I want all them charges off my account because I never ordered any of them period and I am not paying for them. They claimed they would get it taken care of, but the charges are according to what they said for each of the services even though I was NEVER quoted that from the start.

I mean the Best Buy rep even pointed it out to the both of us and I read that pay chart according to Sprint's layout. It NEVER said PER LINE --- It said for the account itself.

I got so irritated with the supervisor I told her to stick it and I hung up on her. To this day we received a 209.00 phone bill which should be only a little over 100.00. They are still trying to bill us for them wrongful charges and have not removed them what so ever.

I have written the Better Business Bureau about this and am waiting for some return results and I am questioning whether or not to trust the BBB based off some of the issues I have read here on this site.

So, if there is any attorney's or anyone that can help us out with this at no cost or only at a cost if it turns into a lawsuit, then I would greatly appreciate it.

I am sure we are not the only ones being ripped off by this company and I would like to see if we can compile a class action lawsuit against them.



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