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Sprint Nextel / bad customer service

1 2001 Edmund Halley DriveReston, VA, United States Review updated:
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A year ago I let my Sprint Wireless phone contract that I had for 4 years on 3 phones expire and continued to pay monthly. I continuously received calls about renewing my contract, but was not sure if I wanted to continue with Sprint or try another company. Well about 6 months ago my wifes phone finally got to the end of its life so we stopped using it and put it in a drawer. We were not sure if we were going to keep Sprint then so we did not cancel we just kept the number. It was part of the $5.00 a month extra phone they charge you. Well at the end of Feb. we decide to change to Verizon since my wife finally received a cell phone for work from Verizon and calls between us would not be charged. During the change I only changed 2 of the 3 numbers and was told that the account would be closed with Sprint. I was under the impression that if I cancel the main number with Sprint the entire account would be closed. Well April comes around and I get a bill from Sprint for $210 dollars. I think ok that is from the previous months no problem. A month goes by and I still havent payed them and I get another bill for $310.

I finally realize something is not right and call. I politely explain the miss understanding to see if we can get things squared away. I commit to the $210 charge and say I have no problems paying this, is there anyway that we can get the last $100 taken down I will pay this today. I am told that each number is a separate contract and each one has to be cancelled or ported to another company in order to for the account to be considered closed. The number for the other phone which has no activity on it in 3 or 4 months was suspended and they just keep billing you your full amount. I say I would like to close this account today. She says that since we are in the middle of a billing cycle we cannot cancel your account until the end of the billing cycle and I will have to pay another $100 for the entire month of May. I dont know about you, but every other service provider has the ability to pro-rate your service. ( phone, cable, gas, electric ) Where in the world do you consider this to be an ethical means to doing business. I am a father of an autistic child and do my best to manage every cent that I can, so you can see the frustration I have with this sort of greed that just infests the business community of this country. It is quite obvious that this company as do many plays the game and just feeds of the ignorance of

Innocent people for a profit. I will never as long as I live recommend or receive services from Sprint. God Bless you all!

To plan evil is as wrong as doing it! Proverbs 24:8

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  • Da
      17th of Aug, 2009
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    I have been a customer of sprint for 11 years. During that time my coverage at my home has been horrible, I travel alot so I have lived with it, now this has changed and I need my broadband card and phone at home, they don't work there. Sprint want to charge me $400 to change users and refuses to look into the problem which is a tower direction problem. Its no wonder they are last in customer satisfaction and could care less about the individual user. During these bad economic times they will find themseleves going down the tubes and rightfully so. I'm going to verizon and turning off my credit card so that they will not get my $400, they have already taken way too much from me. P.S the customer service is a joke and could not resolve the simpilest thing, why even have it?

  • Do
      9th of Dec, 2009
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    I agree my husband and I had a simular experience about Sprints customer service. We also switched to Verizon. I'll see it they are any better or if they eventually get big and bad also.

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