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Sprint / Nextel / service restriction problem

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At the end of Sept or beginning of Oct 2006, I found my service had been restricted - I wasn't able to make outgoing calls nor was I able to check my voice mail. Due to financial difficulties, I was not able to pay my bill (~$276) when I intended to. When I was able to pay my bill, I contacted "customer service" (CS) to find an authorized payment center. Believe it or not, THEY DID NOT KNOW! They suggested I go to WalMart and get a money gram (at a cost, of course). So, upon arriving at WalMart, I shut my phone off as suggested in order to get service restored. When service was restored, I checked my voice mail. Lo and behold, there was a message from Sprint/Nextel letting me know they would offer assistance in getting my service restored anywhere from $300 to 15% off my bill. I called the number they gave me [protected]) along with a reference number. So I called and was on hold for 10 minutes. A message came on saying I could call a different number [protected]) at a later time. I called the 2nd number about an hour later and was put on hold for 40 minutes (thankfully I was reading a book and had my headset). My call went back into queue 4 times. I finally hung up and called the 1st number back. After being on hold for another 10 minutes, a message came on and told me, 'due to technical difficulties, please try your call another time'. They never took my call because I had already paid my bill. I called the 1st number Thurs, Oct 5 and was told since I had already paid my bill, there was nothing they could do for me. After ###, the guy said he could give me a 5% credit (a whopping $13!).

So, my service had been restricted and I can't check my voice mails. Sprint/Nextel thought it would be cute to leave me an unobtainable message knowing full well I wouldn't be able to take advantage of their 'sympathetic' offer. Why didn't they make this offer when I had spoken to CS the first time (about an hour before I paid my bill)?

So I sent a complaint on Thurs Oct 5 via their online website. I received an email (julziexo@yahoo) saying they would make every effort to address my complaint in 24-48 hours. If I didn't hear back from them within 48 hours, I was to reply to the email and they would let me know the status. The following Wed Oct 11 (6 days later), I replied to the email (along with the tracking number - NT20061005_[protected]). Today is Mon Oct 16. Do you think I have been contacted by Sprint/Nextel in any way? They definately should change their motto (their current motto is, "Where customers come first"). What a scam.

Also, when I signed the contract, I purchased an additional phone and service for my 14 year old daughter. Our numbers differ by 1 number, with mine sequentially coming first with my number being the 'admin'. Somehow, someway, my daughters number was changed to the 'admin'. Upon contacting Sprint/Nextel to change this, they said they have NO way of doing this. Huh?

Had I known Nextel would merge with Sprint, I would have NEVER signed the contract. Isn't that called 'bait and switch'? My service has been extremely ### since the merge including dropped calls (which I didn't have with Nextel) and delayed voice mails (up to 4 hours).

I'm not looking for a 'free ride'; I realize it is my responsibility to pay my bills. Being a single parent, financial difficulties do arise and the only contact with my daughter is via phone. I figured it would cost just as much to have a land line as cell phones so I cancelled our land line. I can't wait for my contract to expire!

Oh, I just want to say I don't blame the employees who work as customer service reps, I blame the higher ups for the crappy policies they put in place and the standards set for jacking customers around. I'm sure the President and other bigshots are living a life of luxury and really don't care how their pockets get lined. I feel sorry for the employees who feel they have no choice but to work for such a ### company.


Grand Blanc MI

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  • Va
      11th of Dec, 2006
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    This is by far the absolute WORST and I mean WORST cell phone provider on the face of the planet. I purchased a a Blackberry 7100i with GPS and was told that was the only Blackberry available with GPS (a total lie).I will never use this company for anything and will resort to tiering two cans together with string to communicate before I ever use them. It is by no coincidence that their stock performance is dismal and C Level Execs turn the door quicker than your neighborhood fast food joint turns burger flippers! They do not back any of their products and hire sub standard employees.

  • Tm
      22nd of Jan, 2008
    0 Votes

    Without question, NEXTEL and SPRINT combine to be the worst company for communications and customer service. I have spend at least 10 hours trying to resolve a NEXTEL screw up. THEY OWE ME $400 plus and they know how to take money but seem to have forgotten how to credit money.

  • Ka
      28th of Oct, 2008
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    Sprint sucks on customer service. I was informed my phone could be used as a modem and now they want me to pay an additional $15.00 amonth for this now. This company is just as bad as W. Bush and his lies. Well no matter how good a plan i had at one time i will be leaving this horrible provider and maybe never having another cell phone since it is just bull [censored] anyway.

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