Sprint / mobile phone racketeering 101

Macon, GA, United States

Let us all wake up to the racketeering that is Mobile phone service, Been with sprint for many years I have come into some problems financially for the first time in my long run with Sprint. Over the past Month my phone has been interrupted and suspended over 15 times. I have set payment arrangements for X date but again the phone was shut off and or service interrupted about 15 times from when I set the date... Note they have a reconnection fee of $30 so each time it has been turned back on $30 was charged to my next months bill... $450 in reconnection fees for what?... "Sir I see here you went over your spending limit by 2 dollars, so we had to suspend your account... We can restore your service but there will be a $30 reconnection fee...

I work for Bank of America, I know all about fraudulent fees and this is no different, when will americans wake up to the scams in their everyday life... We look at the middle east as if we are somehow smarter than they are but keep in mind Lybia had free electricity... Yes Electricity, you know Lightning... Yeah electricity you can find it everywhere throughtout the universe, and even in our own bodies... And we pay anywhere between $150-$300+ monthly... I think we are the idiots!

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