Sprinthorrible service

I am a new customer to Sprint, I switched from Verizon on 8/15/16 via the website. I ordered the 2 Samsung S7and S7 edge ( BOGO) With the intention of adding my son's ( who is currently in NY) IPhone 6s Plus that he owns. I was told (via live chat) that Sprint would cover all my fees to transfer services from one carrier to another. I received the S7 edge 8/16 and the S7 8/17, however on 8/18 I called the telesales dept to have the iPhone number ported to no avail. I was on the phone for about an hour with Mike who, to my understanding, added my son onto the account as an authorized user, added the line and had tried numerous times to switch his iPhone over via the Internet. Apparently the phone needed a new "free" SIM card so Mike set it up to where Daniel could go in the NY store ( 8/19 Hudson Valley) which evidently is a Radio Shack store w/ Sprint inside, but what he needed is a corporate store. On 8/21 I called the customer service dept to have the lines on the S7 and the edge swapped because the phone had been idavertenlty given to my 10 y/o which turned out to be a nightmare. I tried to avoid the long line and use the convenience of online services, but I was quickly rushed off the phone by an irritated young man who said " he had all the info in the account he needs and just turn them off and they'll be switched over", NOT!! Both phones went to VM for 2 hours and I had to I stay on the phone with Mark for 45 min making it work, fortunately he was very nice.8/21 Daniel goes into corporate store in PA (Lycoming Mall in Muncy, PA) now he's not an authorized user and no one in the store will talk to me. Because he is traveling, there is a cab waiting outside for an hour that cost him $100. I finally get Jessica and Lisa (sprvsr) via phone who is rude and tells me " they can send me a SIM card to NY but I need to add a new line because nothing has been done in my account and being that my account is less than 30 days old and I'm not satisfied with the service I still have the option of disconnecting my service!" I was "accidentally" disconnected and then spoke with a very nice Victor J. for an hour ( explaining the process over again) who tried to help but had me on and off hold then sent me to 'order support' to speak with Jen who would finally add the line and order the SIM card. Jen had me pay $14.11 for shipping the FREE SIM card to NY and tried to charge me $30 to activate his line, which should have already been done for free like the other 2. After putting me on hold various times Jenn finally agreed to add the line for free but the SIM card would still take 2-5 business days. I was/am furious because each day that I am on the Verizon Network I am paying for that line and the line I had to add with Sprint! I called the corporate store in Fairfield to get a address and the young man inquired about my situation and I again I explained everything over again. As he spoke between another customer and myself he explained why I " should have never ordered my phone online and how folks usually get such horrible service when they go through the online process!" I was appalled that he would actually throw his company and coworkers under the bus like that. I have been treated horribly thought this entire process and only switched to sprint because I thought my rates would be better, but why should I have to compromise money for customer service? A peace of mind is priceless!

Aug 21, 2016

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