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I've been a Sprint customer for many years... - I had a family plan (my son and I) and I bought a "fem-to-cell" because the service is crappy in my area. One day in the store, I got convinced by a Sprint rep to port my daughter’s VZ number over to our Sprint family plan ... I was offered a couple key differentiating factors to move her - 1) - A discounted new phone (she was all over that) 2) a $125 port in credit, and 3) free service activation...

Sounded like a good deal - so I decided to go for it... Got the phone activated, the number ported over, filled out the porting paperwork (online), all good...

Then I got my first bill - low and behold - an activation fee and no porting credit! - whoa - I was told there would be no activation fee - in fact the sales person actually put on my contract where I was supposed to sign "no fees" (in the signature block). I promptly called Sprint and was basically told to go pound sand. They told me the sales rep had no authority to offer a no-fee sale. I asked about the porting credit, and I was told they take 61 days to post. OK - so I wait some 61+ days - finally get a Sprint bill - still no porting credit. I call Sprint customer service and they tell me "the credit should have been posted this month" - then they tell me I should get the credit, and that they will escalate it to get it taken care of next month - if there is any issue, they will call me within 48 hours... So I wait the 48 hours - no call - figure credit OK. Next bill comes in - STILL no credit. Call again - speak with multiple people, put on hold for an eternity, and in essence spend 1.5+ hours on the phone with various reps telling me that because I bought my phone on the 3rd of Oct, and the offer expired on the 1st of Oct, that I would not get the credit. They explained that their sales rep was apparently mistaken in telling me I would qualify and probably didn’t know the program expired. I guess the website was still up accepting credit requests even though it was not supposed to be - and I guess the previous times I called asking about it, nobody actually noticed I was not going to get it because everyone assumed it was good to go... Of course NEVER while I could still return my phone did anyone tell me I was not going to get the “deal” that was offered.

So here I am - out the activation fee, and out the porting credit, and furious as these are the only reasons I went with the phone in the first place. Now I'm told the only recourse I have is to complain to the store (which just tells me I have to talk to Sprint Customer Service as there is nothing they can do) or to cancel my service and pay a $350 early termination fee. I feel this contract was entered illegally - and in fact, I actually never signed any contract, all that is on the signature block of the contract is the rep writing "no fees" to "guarantee" me I wouldn't have to pay any fees. I asked for copies of my contracts and was told I would have to subpoena Sprint to get them. So I'm told I can go ahead and take up the issue legally and file in small claims court and that is my prerogative etc, but as far as Sprint is concerned, they are not going to make good on any promises made by any sales reps - basically Sprint Customer Service couldn't care less whether or not I stay on as a customer (though laughingly, they did offer me a $100 credit to sign on for another $350 cancellation fee on one of the phones I already served out my contract on) - so as they are going to bill me $350 for the termination, I figured I might as well check on cancelling the whole plan - that will add another $140 – they then offered to cancel the whole thing for me… so I agreed - Heck, if Customer Service is so good that they offer to cancel my whole family's service because their sales rep misrepresented a sale, I'm inclined to agree with them and take my business elsewhere...

I think I get $100/phone for port-in to another carrier, and I should be able to sell my 3 Sprint Phones and Air Rave for a couple hundred bucks or so, so that should cover any fees - and I'll certainly file with the courts and send a letter to the Attorney General's office - this practice of promising rebates and refunds, and then reneging has to fall under some consumer law of bait/switch or illegal tactics, or something which would make it illegal...

So, in a nutshell - Called Sprint and all I wanted was my $125 credit that was promised, and now I’m moving all my lines and soon to be engaged in a legal dispute with them... Way to go Customer Service! Job well done!


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  • Gj
      27th of Mar, 2012

    i was suppose to be in class action suit with sprint never heard anything about it i think they would drop my call so much it would make my minutes aand texts go up i also think they would have me buy a new phone when the one i had was faulty eveen the phone i had would get so hot i could feel the heat onnnn my face alot of companies are for one thing the mighty dollar and dont care about dropped calls phones over heating texts and downloads .greedy robbing us without a gun

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  • Sh
      23rd of Jun, 2012

    I feel the same way. :(

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