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My Name is Russell E Kirkpatrick I own a Private Investigation Firm in Omaha, Nebraska if you have had problems with over billing as I have and want to get something done about it. Please join me in a class action Lawsuit against Sprint. I am tired of this as many Good Paying Americans should be its time they have to pay us back for what they have over Charged us. Please email me with any and all Documents that you have for “You Being Over billed AS WELL” and I will personally take it to My Attorney who will start this class action Lawsuit.

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      Mar 04, 2009

    My mom has been with Sprint for 10+ years she got a phone for my son and ever bill she was over charge for almost 6 months we finally got the bill stable my mom recently had 1000 text messages to my son phone and the bill showed that he went over 2177 messages which is $435.00, I tried to dispute it but they kept transferring me to other reps and hang up on me and not return the calls. All I wanted is a log to show all incomeing and outgoing text they told me go go online and view the log well I tried and it would not access that information I called back and technical support advised me that some customers have access to that information and some don't. So I asked how can they validate the usage if they don't have access to that information. Computers aren't always right. All I wanted is a detailed log to show the data. Mind you that the bill showed and overage of 2177 and the new statement online shows that he is already over 900 messages.

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  • Do
      May 12, 2009

    My name is Donna Bryant, I am from West Texas
    I am currently on the phone with sprint as I type this message. I have been with sprint for about 6 years and I feel they have ripped me off from the beginning. There are always charges on my bill and services that I did not request and the rep. will argue with me when I tell them I never requested the service. I am currently dealing with them on International calling services. They cancelled my phone insurance and gave me the International calling. My balance is never correct. We are definitely being over charged. I also am considering a Law suit against Sprint. There are never Supervisors available to handle your issue and when there is they are not any help.

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  • Sp
      Nov 13, 2009

    I created a site called - that we can use to start gathering at in preparation for a class action lawsuit. It also has useful links for filing complaints with the FCC and BBB.

    I'm putting together a survey / registration system right now so that we can start gathering contact and complaint information so that the attorneys can figure out exactly what direction to take in a class action lawsuit.

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  • Lf
      May 23, 2010

    Have you completed this suite yet?? If not I may be interested as well... I have several issues with sprint.
    Leslie Faith Hamling, OMaha, Ne, 68137

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  • Zo
      Jun 30, 2010

    June 30, 2010

    Dear Sprint
    I was shock today to receive from my Ex-husband of 35 years you contacted him. I called the number he gave me to find out that you have sent a bill collector to me how dare YOU Sprint. Again!!!
    My account has been close since Oct 30, 2008, I had called to cancel as I lost my job and have been told that I had to go in and cancel my account in person at one of your locations. I would only have to pay a closing cost on my contract which shows paid in full.
    My record show from the bank transfers that you have been paid off since Nov, 2009 the sum of $735.00 I had not heard nor read a single letter are word this was considered a problem as it was paid in full until today.
    If you had not contacted me on this I would of never realized that the automatic payments were being made to Sprint of the sum of $735.00 on a bill less then $300.00
    I do believe that I am owed a return on the over payments you say I owe, so who owes who here.
    I like to think this is a small mistake, but in the past you have done the same thing to me, and Sprint tried to destroy my credit rating again!
    Sprint found their mistake and was Sprints mistake not mine, and Sprint apologized, but this time the same mistake is made.
    TODAY: Not only did I have to speak to a women with less education then my 6 year old grandson on this account but she was very rude and uneducated with the account at hand. All I can say at least Sprint is still hiring Americans.
    Please check your records again and I am sure you will find the truth like before for this ill behavior of poor account management.
    Sincerely yours,

    nancy zoda przygoda
    PS: Enclosed is a copy of all bank transactions on this account for your easier accountability and accounting needs to rectify this mistake do hope you can also rectify my credit rating as well.

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