Sprint / customer representative deactivated the wrong number

Hi my name is melissa seaburg, a loyal costumer of sprint with a five line family plan. I went in this weekend right when the store opened to be pro-active and know stores can be busy. The representative called costumer service do have the live I wanted de-activated unfortunately, he de-activated my number the account holder! I sat in a store from open to close, spoke with up to 14 people along with the store reps calling as well. I was on hold for hours, hung up, transferred amongst these calls to different department, other support services. All of no one doing anything other then lying saying just five more minutes. Well the five minutes was my saturday, a single mother who works over 50 hours to enjoy the weekend off I deserved. So of course no resolution I called right on sunday on the phone again for 4 four... Four... More hours. Not on e person could do anything about an error that sprint did. I have been without a phone for almost three a society, job, family lives that rely on this high tech communication I don't have it because of sprint error. The costumer support has been completely helpless sadly from rep to management level. Also, this situation is beyond appalling and let alone the costumer scripting was the same from each individual saying the understood. So each must have understood giving up their whole weekend for another's error. Still without my phone or number. I need for someone to call me a t my work number which I find to be un-professional. [protected]. I did again try last night was told would call back did after 20 minutes she did, and of course said she would call back again never did. I hope all those who have tried to contact me in the last three days now as far a s family and my job are probably very concerned and so many probably think I am rude for not responding. The emotional stress, the amazing amount of time lost sitting in a store and hours on a phone, the loss of my weekend is sickening. Makes you wonder if I was a "higher" level sprint employee if this would have applied to them. I need someone to again contact me asap. [protected]. Thank you.

Mar 27, 2017

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