Sprint / Cell / humiliated, degraded, refused service by manager jeff

1851 N GREEN VALLEY # 1824 , Henderson, NV, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 702-245-6902

couldn't get service 1 day on my cell, no fault of mines . manager jeff humiliated, degraded me, & denided me service. a nice lady I talked to from the sprint sunset store asked me a few sequirty question like a bank, etc does & got my service for me & she didn't understand why manager jeff didn't do the same & told me to email dan / customer service & that is when as they say you think it can't get any worst, & it does. Sprint had wrong info on me address, etc, & it took me telling this to 6 people before I got it changed. The customer service reps are simply trained to ffer insincere apology with includes IF you think yous had a bad experience. then i would tell them what i want which is to find another carrier to give my hard earned money to. by needing to tell 6 people before i got wrong information corrected, being humiliated, degraded, & refused service, ( which your own employee agree with ) having customer service reps lie in emails about what i said in order to cover their a____. means service agreement was voided . I will put in writing all I want is to get another company to give my hard earned money to.

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