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Sprint / worst customer service ever

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I have been with Sprint since Dec of 07. The customer service from that company has been crappy since day 1. First they tricked me into paying about $200 a month for the 2 phones my husband and I had when all we asked for was a family plan. We had no idea that what they fooled us into was everything that we didn't ask for. No one explains anything the way it should be. Its all a scheme to get more customers and to get them to pay more out of their pockets. My bill was never right I always had to call and figure out what was going on this month. Not to mention the "brand new" phones we bought (Motorola Krzr k1m) did not work right off the bat. Its as if I paid out the butt for a phone that has been used before and refurbished... So I call them to get a new phone for my husband and me. And every time I call I speak with someone who does not live in the U.S. but in the Philippines. Not only can I not understand anything coming out of their mouth but they don't understand me at all either so its frustrating on both sides. So I finally received the phone replacement I was asking for. I set up the phones which was chaos b/c I could not understand the foreign person on the other end of the phone. After finally getting them set up I come to find out they gave me another piece of junk phone that was cutting off whenever if decided to. So I call back trying to figure out how to resolve this. Again the foreign person does not understand anything I am saying and keeps asking the same stupid question over again about what is wrong with my phone. At this point I just want to speak with a supervisor b/c I have been hung up on 3 times when they transfer me and quite frankly I am pissed. So I never speak to a supervisor and they want me to file a replacement phone with the insurance company who tells me I must fork over 50 dollars to have this order completed. I am furious b/c I should not be paying anything for a phone they shipped me that does not work and I called about right away. Its not like I held onto for 2 or 3 weeks and then it broke. It was broke as soon as I had it off the charger... So to wrap this up I don't know who is running this company but just like dish network and just like target and probably many other companies. They need to quit hiring people over seas b/c the customer service from them is horrible and all for what? So they can pay them less so they can pocket more money. Its a sad situation all around. I am sick to death of having to call them about anything. I wish I could just cancel my whole contract but who are we kidding what company now a day doesn't do that. I wish they would quit b/c I have no clue what those people are saying on the other end of the phone and that *** me off!

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      13th of Jun, 2008
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    I know exactly what you are going through, I had a similar problem with the monthly billing and drop calls. Each month I called to fix the problems and I just became irritated for not being able to be understood and understand the cs. However, there is a clause on your contract about the 15 days policy "if you are not happy you can cancel it" Check your contract for that, but even if that is the case they will try to rip you off. I had a few months until our contract was going to expire when I received a letter from Sprint telling me that they were so proud of their service that they would give people a chance to cancel their contract without a penalty fee. Since I was so frustrated with their overall service, I cancelled. Well, my problems got worse. I was sent bills after bills charging me the early cancellation fee, I called each month for about 3 months, they I received a collection notice. Needles to say, the collection agency and Sprint denied ever sending me that letter. I kept the letter and told them that I would take it to the news if they did not remove my name from the collection agency and they told me to produce the letter. I had moved to another state and the letter was in storage, we had to spend money to go retrieve it, since the storage was about 4 hours away. We took time from work, so miss time and pay plus the gas, food, and even lodging. No one at Sprint is willing to pay for the time and money spent, but I just wrote to the new CEO Dan Hesse ( I am hopping for a happy resolution, but will see.

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