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Sprint / rip off

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Signed up for the Sprint "data Deal" of 69.00; the "agent" took me for the full cost of a blackberry, would not repair it without getting another 35.00 after

only having it one week; canceled my rebate when I canceled my account within the 30 days; lost about 300.00

total in fees and small print ripoffs;

DO NOT GO with this company or you WILL be sorry. I was with Verizon for 8 years and never had a complaint. Stupid me thought I would save $ on a Blackberry this way. WRONG!

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  • Va
      19th of Nov, 2008
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    I signed up a simple shared 700-minute family plan at $69 + $20 for two extra lines and used only about 200 minutes a month. In the first month, I paid over 500 dollars for the phones, which they said were supposed to be free, and then $210 for the first month's bill. In the second month, I received $340 charge. Do you know what they charged for? This is an example: For my blackberry phone, after I removed their expensive $39.99 monthly data plan, they charge over $75 for data usage, saying the phone had used 2500 KB causal data services. If it was not a ghost that had magic to do it, it must be SprintPCS that makes fradulent charges. The phone could not even go to the Internet after the data plan was removed. I tried at least two times and verified it after the removal.

    I called their customer service and talked to four representatives, they all recited one statement: all their charges are valid.

  • Ca
      4th of Dec, 2008
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    That would explain it then. You tried after the removal, knowing there was no data package, to access the internet. Hmm, what do you think Dr. Watson, was it a ghost? Obviously that's why there were data charges. Just because you remove a data package it doesn't mean you remove the internet. You would have to request to block it altogether for that. Even if it didn't work when you attempted to use it, it might still work for other services or tethered from the internet because you didn't block it. Which of course would be in your contract, that I'm sure you've read in it's entirety. Then, assuming you overlooked this and checked anyway, that doesn't explain why you would check a Second Time and incurr more data. Mighty fine logic, if you ask me.

  • Jp
      15th of Dec, 2008
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    i have the same problem. i told sprint that i wanted a phone with calendar that syncs to outlook and a full keyboard. they said blackberry was only option. i told them that i didnt want email/internet/data plan, just texting, phone and calendar. they assured me it would be fine. Now, I've gotten two ridiculous bills with over 1o0 of data charges. I went through several customer reps on the phone for two hours. They give me three different excuses before telling me that syncing MY phone with a USB cable on MY computer costs me in data usage!!!

    That's like the cable company charging me for watching a DVD on my televsion!

  • Ri
      14th of Feb, 2009
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    Sprint is a rip off I’ve been with them for two years and when it came down to my contract being over with they told me that I renewed my contract which I never did…. I told them why would I do that when all I’ve been trying to do since I gotten service with these dumb ###s is get out of it… since I first got my phone all I’ve had were problems, my first months bill was over $400.00 I call and asked why was it so high they simply said that I was charged a month ahead, so I paid it… a couple days later my phone was disconnected, so I when to the store where I purchased my phone and asked the women who sold it to me why was it disconnected when I just paid this $400.00 bills, she had no answers but called sprint for me and they told her I called and disconnected it…. That was the first of many problems that I had with these ###s, since then I’ve gone through 5 cell phones, the first one was the upstage phone. It would over head and I would get really bad headaches form using it. So they sent me another one that didn’t work at all, I call them they had me send it back, and I got the new phone once again I had problems with it so they ask if I wanted a different phone, I told them as long as I don’t get charged I was fine with a different phone so they sent me the cheapest phone they had but I was ok with it just as long as it worked… anyways if I listed all the problems I’ve had we’d be here for days so i’ll just end it here with a ### you to sprint and have a bad day….

  • Cp
      6th of Oct, 2009
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    Agreed, they are now disconnecting all Blackberry users who use the phone to connect to the internet via the modem feature. They sell this service as a part of the data plan in their stores, they offer a download softwear to allow users to connect to the internt. then in the last 2 weeks they disconnected THOUSANDS of users nationwide and they will only reconnect if you ... get this pay them an additional 10-15 dollar a month over the plan that they sold you for this purpose in the first place. They are the worst kind of corporate ###. The hell with the MILLIONS of young people who have VERY limited budgets for their phone service and use their internet connections for school. They shut them down in the MIDDLE of MID TERMS!!

    What to do, write your story to your local states attorney in the state where you purchased your phone, tell every single one of your friends to do the same thing.

    You entered into a contract for them to provide a service that they have refused to provide without additional money over the agreed contract amount. This is 1000% illegal. Lets get em!

  • Vv
      9th of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    Sprint charged me for internet use on a phone that was inoperable and had been reported to their insurance company as such. The Blackberry had major water damage and a missing ball. There is no way on earth the phone was used to access the internet. When I informed Sprint that their insurance partner has documented proof that the phone was inoperable during the time I was charged meant nothing to Sprint. I had even taken the phone to a Sprint service center prior to the charges, and they informed that the phone didn't work due to water damage (thanks to my teenager--separate story). The next month I was billed for this same phone. Never mind their insurance company's documentation, and never mind their service center's proof that the phone didn't work. They say I accessed the internet on it. Liars!!

  • Kh
      23rd of Nov, 2010
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    they will not honor the rebate if you cancel the account. You have to return the phone to get out of paying for it...they are not going to let you keep it at the discounted rate for new customers

  • Me
      31st of Jan, 2011
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    I'm being billed from november 29-december 24 & december 25-january 24.I payed a total of $154.72 on january 19 after resolving the issue with a representative, but obviously my new bill came out so it was'nt resolved.The bill was $641.79, i received credits totalling $487.07, leaving me a balance of $154.72 wherein i paid it.Now i have a bill for $171.45 due on february 14, still not correct i was informed i received insurance on both my cell lines so they charged me twice for insurance, why is that? So why did i pay for insurance on the 19 of january.The bill for on the 01/19/2011 was suppose to be $25.99+25.99+51.99+4+1+.69+7+$4.99+taxes totalling $13.83 based on my current bill, that would total to $135.48, my biiling cycle would start on the 25 of every month but in november it started on the 29 instead so its not a full month bill.This month i see $171.45 instead of 159.99 how i calculate it was $29.99+$29.99+$59.99+$4.99+$7+$7+$7+$6.70+$7.13.The adjustments was for terminating my contract which i still have and going to keep including keeping my insurances as always i've been with sprint since january 17, 2004.Also before they listen they telling you what's infront of them as if i'm stupid i know what i'm suppose to be paying for not someone telling me what's shown that's nuts after all the emails and calling still not resolved, if i cant resolve this im going to look for help else where in other places and make sure i have all my proof

  • Ol
      15th of Feb, 2011
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    I have a Sprint Data Card on a two year contract. It worked fine where ever we traveled. However it broke and I needed a new one. Sprint told me it was under warranty and to take it to a Sprint store which I did a couple of months later when I was able to do so. They told me its no longer under warranty and I need to get a new one for $200 some dollars. And I needed a new contract which limited me to how much I can use the net. When refused they agreed to allow the old contract to continue and send me a new card. Now they say that they cant allow the unlimited usage, and I need it for business. Screw them. I Dropped them and paid the $200 contract break instead of the $989 two year crap. Dont use Sprint!!

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