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Sprint / Afni / trying to collect debt not owed

1 United States

P.O. Box 3517
Bloomington IL 61702

Dear afni:

I am really and truly sick of all correspondence from Sprint/Nextel. I am appalled that I received the attached letter from you, a collection agency, when this was settled on May 30, 2006 with First Revenue Assurance, yet another collection agency, in the amount of $122.36.

Previous to that, I paid that sorry idiotic company they call Sprint, $75.00. All this was to get out of a contract that I never, and I mean NEVER had.

I was a happy customer with Nextel, their service and even their customer service. When that stupid company they call Sprint took over, everything went down the tubes. There was no sense complaining, because it would take a good 30-45 minutes to even get connected to some idiot who might listen. I had so many problems with my service, and I do work for a living, that I would’ve needed at least a week to solve the problem.

So I acquiesced to their crap, by paying off the penalty for a contract, oh did I mention I NEVER had a contract? And now, I am still again being harassed by that company they call Sprint. It’s a rip off and an embarrassment to this society and country. So why that totally inept company they call Sprint passed this so-called “debt” on to you is freaking astounding. Just another example of their ineptitude.

So here is my dispute, in writing, as you requested. I can’t believe they would waste my time and yours for a measly $15.76, of which I am not, and I mean NOT NOT NOT, going to pay. If anything, they owe me money for taking time out of my life to deal with this total crap from a crappy stupid company.

I have posted negative comments on the internet about that idiotic pathetic company. And, if I receive any more correspondence from that company they call Sprint, or from any collection agency, I will sue for many more dollars that $15.76.

You can call First Revenue Assurance at [protected], my account number is xxxxxxxx and check for yourself that it was in settlement of my supposed “contract” with that company they call Sprint. I have new service with a reputable mobile phone company that I respectfully call “T-Mobile”, where their service and customer service could teach to a lot to flunkies at that company they call Sprint.

I am going to post this letter on the internet and make sure that everyone I can reach knows what that company they call Sprint is up to. In two words “they suck.” So don’t write to me or call me because I will get a lawyer for the harassment if I need to. If there is anything negative in my credit report, someone will pay the price for it. I am proud of my credit rating and I plan to keep it that way. By the way my brother is a lawyer so it won’t cost me a dime. Do you think I’m angry enough about this petty crap?

CC: Sprint

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