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Keller, TX, United States
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I have experienced SI magazine delivery problems recently. I have not received 2 weekly SI magazines recently. The last one involved the issue dated 6/5/17. My complaints are as follows:

• Not receiving the mailed SI magazine twice within 4 weeks. The two times were mid-May and the 6/5/17 issue. I only had minimal mailing problems until recently. I look forward to receiving this magazine and I read it cover-to-cover. Please ensure the magazine is delivered to my house.
• Regarding the 6/5/17 magazine, I did not receive this magazine in the mail. The SI customer rep only extended my subscription for 2 weeks. I had to buy from Barnes & Noble for $5.40. However, since my subscription price is $0.78 per magazine, the 2 week subscription extension value of $1.56 ($0.78 times 2 issues) does not cover the $5.40 that I paid. To fully cover my $5.40 cost, my subscription should be extended 7 weeks, and not 2 weeks.
• Yesterday, I called to complain about not receiving an issue for 6/12/17. I was informed by the SI customer rep that SI did not produce a magazine dated 6/12/17. The 6/5/17 magazine did not say “Double Issue” and it was not any larger than normal. My subscription is for a weekly magazine; however, SI apparently decides when it feels like producing a magazine and not informing the customer. I have to believe than thousands of SI customers complained about this issue.

I have been a long time subscriber. I strongly prefer the printed magazine. I am beginning to have doubts about SI since the magazine is shrinking in size, delivery problems, etc. At a minimum, please extend my subscription an additional 5 weeks (see the 2nd bullet point) to cover the Barnes & Noble replacement cost, ensure the magazine is delivered to my home and issue a weekly magazine unless a double magazine is clearly identified and magazine content exceeds 120 pages.

Mike Ricketts

Jun 13, 2017

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