Countrywide Periodicals Complaints & Reviews

Countrywide Periodicals / magazine subscription

Jan 26, 2017

A few months ago I was told that I would be subscribing to get a discount on popular magazines every month. For a flat rate. But today thursday January 26th, 2017 I recieved a letter from Interstate Recovery Service saying that I owe them $946.36!!! I immeadiately went to google to begin...

Countrywide Periodicals / son tried to cancel and was not allowed to now in collection

Aug 07, 2016

My son who is 18 was called about subscription to 5 magazines. Of course he thought how cool because he was promised a ipad and never received this. He also only received 1 magazine out of 5. Being he is 18 he really did not understand the whole system of agreeing to this. His bank account...

Countrywide Periodicals / cell phone sales to mentally challenged

Jul 08, 2015

My mentally challenged daughter is a victim of countrywide periodicals llc. According to our letters of guardianship, a judge has ruled and protected her from entering into a contract with anyone. She has a cell phone and was contacted by countrywide periodicals' telemarketing. The...

Countrywide Periodicals / Refusal to cancel membership

Aug 05, 2014

This company scammed me. When I tried to cancel membership, they too refused to honor my request. They mislead me to believe what I was being asked to join. I did not agree to pay for their service for 30 months @ $33.20. In the conversation with rep., they did not state this fact. Thi...

Countrywide Periodical Inc. / Customer service and deceitful practice

Feb 27, 2012

Countrywide Periodicals Incorporated is a scam and does NOT practice business. Apparently, Countrywide has no idea how to imitate a practical business. You cannot make this obvious to them due because they've no practice with running an ethical business, they're blinded by their...

Countrywide Periodicals / have not recieved all the magazines I was told I would recieve

Jan 20, 2012

I signed up to recieve magazines from this company. I was supposed to recieve 5 magazines a month and after a year I have recieved 2 a month. After talking to them many times they promised to send an extra 2 a month to make up for the ones I never recieved. After 1 year I am only getting 3...

Countrywide Periodicals / paid $50 and then they tried to get more

Dec 15, 2011

They were suppose to deliver top magazines for $50 never got one magazine, then they started calling us and demanding more money, we called and cancelled by the time that was allowed us to do so, left a recorded message and they said they never received it, of course they would say that...

Countrywide Periodicals / SCAM

Oct 12, 2011

I have just noticed that Countrywide Periodicals has been pulling money out of my old bank account that I do not use anymore. They have put my account into the negatives and I have not signed up for their services. I am extremely upset and whenever I try to call, I cannot get through to...

Countrywide Periodicals / Stolen Money

Oct 06, 2011

I was contacted by "Jason" a few months ago...offered what sounded like a good deal for several magazine subscriptions. Very freidnly representative coerced me into considering after I expressed no interests. Kept calling me with more offers...I have recieved NO services nor do I want any...

Countrywide Periodicals / HUGE SCAM

Sep 27, 2011

This pathetic excuse for a magazine company has scammed me twice. As a college undergraduate student I just wanted to try subscribing to a few magazines. Then they went even further to take advantage of the fact that I am a student and conned me into believing that by subscribing with...

COUNTRYWIDE PERIODIC / unwanted transaction

Jul 06, 2011

On 5 July 2011 I had an unwanted transaction taken out of my account. The amount taken was $66.41. I did not agree to have this money taken out and i would like to have it back. I don't make enough money to just go throwing it anywhere. I have people to feed and a roof that needs to...

Countrywide Periodicals, Inc. / Scam

Feb 23, 2011

My husband was scammed he gave these ppl our debit card # and was misled into thinking he was getting 3 yrs of magazines for $66 my debit card has been charged twice in 3 weeks and we have yet to receive any magazines or any type of letter from this company he talked to the company the day...

Countrywide Periodicals / Subscription


This magazine company has been harrassing me. I do not want magazines and have not received magazines. They have called me a liar and threatened to call the authorities for harrassment. I have seen many complaints against them and have referred to the Better Business Bureau (they have a...

Countrywide Periodicals Inc./ Reader Service / SCAM/ Rude

Just recieved a phone call from this business. They tried to sell me magazines at a discounted price- due to them PRE ORDERING the magazines. I came to this website and noticed there were many magazine scams and ATTEMPTED to cancel my order due to feeling uncomfortable about it. The man on...

Countrywide Periodicals / cancel membership


i tried to cancel my membership but i was told i cannot and i am being charged every month for it i would like it stopped or i will contact my lawyer i do not want it to go this far so please cancel it ty and have a nice day

Countrywide Periodicals / Did not say yes or give my card # and they still charged it


We recieved a phone call trying to confirm an order for magazines and we hung up on them. one hour later I was trying to pay a bill and $50.00 was taken from my card. I never authorized this or gave them my card number. I have four kids and have a hard enough time staying above ground as it is.

Countrywide Periodicals / Magazines


I was about to graduate from high school during my senior year and I was phoned by this company, Countrywide Periodicals. They said that I was going to be entered into a sweepstakes competition with the agreement that I 'tried' out their magazines for $50 a month. I agreed at...

Countrywide Periodicals / Magazine Subscription Scams


I have been the victim of a magazine scam perpetrated by a company calling itself US Magazine Service at P.O. Box 750 in LoLo, Montana 59847 at 888-506-8304. It and several other corporations running magazine subscription scams are run by Jason W. Ellsworth of Hamilton, Mt. I received...