Spirit Halloween / the workers and management

Tupelo, MS, United States
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This complaint is about the Spirit store in Tupelo, MS. My family and I have always shopped here every Halloween. We look forward to them opening. Well that's over. We will not be spending one more penny in this store!! We have already spend a considerable amount of money this year and tomorrow its all going back for a refund. I'm sure that's going to be a nightmare!!
Today we went to spirit in Tupelo, MS to buy some more Halloween stuff. My grown daughter was bumped and dropped a nine dollar candle she was holding. I ask if she had to pay for it and the cashier was on the phone to the manager, who mind you was standing at the back of the store, the cashier proceeded to tell me that it was not store policy, but out of kindness she needed to pay for it so it wouldn't come out of their paychecks. I was livid!!! We will never grace that store again!!! I will make sure everyone I know hears this story because if you go in there and accidentally break a $500 monster well I guess your just screwed!! So disappointed. If this is how they run a business well I hope nobody shops there ever again. And I am sure that they will give me the run around on my refund. I will just donate the stuff they won't refund for whatever reason. I don't even want their products in my house. I'll order everything from another company!!

Sep 14, 2017

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