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Prior to buying our ticket through Spirit airlines we read all the reviews and had prepared ourselves for what to expect when booking with Spirit. No leg room, no snacks pretty much nothing extra except a flight to your destination. Boy were we wrong. The day before our flight Spirit had changed our flight with it leaving later than when we had booked the flight. That was fine, we could handle that. This is where things took a turn for the worst. Once we arrived at the airport with no warning were told that the flight would not be arriving until midnight due to the fact that the crew needed to rest. As our trip was only planned for three days this instantly took away one whole day of being in our destination of Las Vegas.

If that wasn’t enough the customer service that we received was the worst than I could of ever imagined. As there were three staff members standing there not one addressed our concerns or questions. We were simply ignored and I wondering if any of them had a brain and thought for themselves. As upset as we were no one acknowledge us until after 20 minutes or so after handling another customer at the same time. Are you telling me that only one person can be helped at a time when there are three staff members standing there looking at you like you have three heads. Once the manager turned his attention to us we were told to call a customer service number if we were not satisfied. Not acceptable by no means. I am the paying customer and I deserved better than that. I was told I would be given $50.00 in food vouchers with a layover in Kansas City for five hours. Nice, way to make me feel special. No I paid for a plane ticket to get me to Las Vegas by 12:00 noon that day. I understand things do happen with weather and delays but to be told the crew needed to have sleep was not acceptable to me in any way. It wasn't like this was just planned the day before. Staff should of be scheduled appropriately.

Needless to say I work in Customer Service as well and I would of never treated any one the way I was treated on this day.

You truly lived up to your status of being the worst airline ever.

Thanks for nothing.

Jan 11, 2015
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  • Ru
      Jan 11, 2015

    You are very self centered, the crew on the plane are not robots, they are human beings as well, they need to rest just like you do. If you had a brain yourself you would know that yeah one person can be helped at a time. Where was mommy? I am sure if mommy had been with you she would have scolded you for not waiting your turn. You don't understand that things like weather happens because if you did you would not expect them to get you there on time and risk everyone's lives. This shows how self centered you are. Where do you work, because wherever you work needs to be investigated, there are child labor laws and it is illegal to hire six year old kids like yourself. The crew members are (unlike you) are human being, and to function properly they need to rest, Perhaps when you grow up you will realize that the world does not revolve around you?

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