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This Speedy Repo company is the biggest scam there is in the repo industry. Ive been in the car business for over 10 years and never seen anything like it. normal repo fees are somewhere around the 500$ mark. these guys are charging over 350.00$ and all they did was pick up a key and drive the car off after they were told already where the vehicle was. the didnt have to use their "skip-tracing" and we were still charged over 3500.00 to have them pick the car up for a day. Absolutely highway robbery!!! Everyone thinking about using a repo company please do your self a favor and call somewhere else as this company Speedy Repo is the definition of the word CROOK!!! and their supposed manager there Doug Walters is an absolute A hole and was raising his voice the entire talk and couldnt tell me why he felt it was needed to rip off clients that arent made aware of their extra charges they are charging us., Doug Walters should lose his job and this company should be shut down for bad business, they take serious advantage of their clients even in the easiest repossession cases they are hired for. And to boot the repo agent when he picked it up gave me a bill for 300.00 and thats what i expected to have to pay. not 3500$ WOW!!! also they charge a 140.00 "key Fee:" even know we handed them a key and didnt have to get a key cut or anything. Doug told me that that was from having to walk inside and get the key from us. Just an absolute nightmare!!!

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  • Ni
      18th of May, 2012

    I used this company and I gave location of our unit and they stated they did skip tracing and the unit was repossessed at the address i gave them. They charged me $2100 just to repossess our unit at address I gave them. Not only that I tried to pay them by credit card and they refuse. All the people at this company have a serious attitude at the point when you call in for the 1st time but a whole different story when they want your business thier attitude is as friendly as you can be. I have been in the business over 15 years and have never heard of a repo company that would cost $2100 only for the perecentage of value of the unit. This company is a complete scam and the repo business bureau should really look into this company and close them down. 100% SCAM !!! DO NOT DEAL WITH SPEEDY REPO!!!

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