Speedway / service declined

I went to speedway at 1877 W Ridge Rd, Greece, NY 14615 around 8pm today and I walked in asked for item I have coupon for and I am a quite speaker and I was asked to speak up so I did and he just got mad and said I don't gotta speak like that to him and I said speak to you like what. I spoke up like u asked and I even tryed showing him the coupon and he yelled at me saying I can't see that I don't have my glasses with me. And I said what coupon was for again he finally got it for me then when he turned around saw my money on counter then assumed while he was turned around I threw a 5$ bill at him? And yelled at me and said not to throw things at him even tho my 5$ bill was in middle of counter and. My friends saw me set it their as i go to put my wallet away after I set it down and then refused to cash me out took items away and told me to get out his name was steve-0 on name tag and mid 40-50s and I was being as polite as possible and was offended in process

Nov 14, 2017

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