Speedway / rude customer service and trashy looking employees

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Every time I go to the speedway store on S. Burnett Rd in Springfield, Ohio there's a line out the door and there's only one or two registers open with at least one employee walking around the store doing nothing!! The appearance of your employees is for lack of better words, disgraceful!! Their hair and beards look unkept and they look like meth heads!!

Jun 06, 2018
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  • Ta
      Aug 28, 2018

    Sounds like you're mad about something, but you haven't said what. Line going out the door? Meth head looking employees? One walking around doing nothing? Are you sure? One or two registers being open sounds a little vague, as there is three registers but one is crammed with another. Effectively there is only two registers unless you get a couple of skinny people at one and two. Big fat guys mean there's only two until they leave, because they're shuffling aside with their big armfuls of soda and chips and donuts and such. But yeah, all that aside, what actually happened that you're upset about? I want to know because if I'm waiting in line I want to be aware of this thing so I can avoid it.

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