S Nov 27, 2017

Yes I was at the speedway and Goff Mountain and Cross Lanes West Virginia and a cashier he was a black gentleman so you saying something and I couldn't hear because there were several other customers there was talking amongst their self kind of off to the side repeat itself the second time I heard him say loud as can be can you not hear me you [censor] white boy don't make me repeat myself again I heard it and at first I thought I might have been mistaken but as I've seen the other people in the store cuz here it just as much as I did everyone was shocked this happened November 26th around 8:30 a.m. and this gentleman is always rude I've seen you know talk to elderly customers it was a little slower in the rest awful and I just really think there should be something done about that so far I don't know if the management scared of him or what exactly it is but if something's not done I will take it further

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