Speedway / manager working

Cincinnati, OH, United States

I stopped at the speedway on 8 mile and beechmont ave. on my way to work. One the the men working on my crew tried to buy at pack of Marlboro black cigs when he got carded he did not have an i.d., he proveeded to turn around and ask me to get his cigs to which i commented i cant they are not allowed to do that, the worked agreedwd to this statment. I put my stuff on the counter and asked for a pack of Black and Mild FT's which i did have an id to purchase thw worker told me she could not sell me anything because one of my 5 co-workers with me that day didnt have his id. I expressed the fact that i wasnt buying the same product and that she heard me tell him i couldnt purchase his cigs for him and that it was ridiculous that bc someone who worked with me tried to buy cigs that she wouldnt sell me cigars and i wouldlike a number to call a manager at this time she became very rude stated she was a manager and she wasnt losing her job over my addiction and i wasnt allowed back in her store if i had a problem with it. I asked for her name and the store number which she ignored and started talking to someone else. So i just notes the name on her tag and left. I have never had a speedway employee be as rude and have such an attitude and be as blatently disrepectful as her.

May 7, 2017

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