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I went to 0007924 boone nc today and purchased $10 of gas like I usually do with my credit card at the pump. After pumping I am approached by someone claiming I stole $10 of his gas he put on the pump. I put everything in as u see always for my card with no issues. Then go inside to speak to the manager supposedly who was unbelievably rude and told me it was my damn problem not hers and to figure it out. I told her I ran my card at the pump and put my info in as prompted and then pumped gas. She insisted I did no such thing and that it didn't matter it wasn't her problem. So I then paid for gas AGAIN and got a receipt to show for it this time and will never be back, I have used this exact gas station for years and never have I had an issue like this.
Trans#1807724 regularly. 3 Nawras J. At 5:30 pm.
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Jul 27, 2018
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  • Ta
      Aug 28, 2018

    First off, "For years". Just go again, you big baby. One bad experience does not trump years of good experiences, not for you and not for anyone. Second, that guy was trying to rip you off and she was right - it's not her problem. It's his, and by proxy, yours. I'm sorry you ran into a nutbag, but you shouldn't have bought more gas just to prove it, and you shouldn't have tried putting it on her what a crazy person did. You've never had an issue like this before, and you probably never will again. What's your problem? Again, one bad experience. Suck it up and go back like an adult.

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