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I have visited two different branches in Surrey and recipient of patronising, arrogant optometrists. How can such professionals exist?

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      3rd of Apr, 2012

    In one branch, the optometrist was annoyed had to fix my glasses to my face properly as it was given to me far too loose, which kept falling off my face and though had fixed it had also left several deep scratches on my glasses, which had taken off the colour of the frame. The optometrist was at the same time patronising and arrogant by way he knew how it felt sitting on my face!

    On a different and recent occasion at this branch I had to visit the store to find out why I had not received my lenses to be told that head office had cancelled my contract for unknown reasons. The sales associate was very apologetic, empathetic and requested for a sight test to make sure my contact lenses number on their records was correct as the contact lenses I was wearing were lenses from previous lensmail I had not worn. The optometrist was not interested in carrying out the test and quickly checked in a real hurry for 2 minutes, yet only concerned as to why payment had not been made for the lenses in my eyes?? She advised the sales associate that she thinks that my eyesight numbers are those as on my records? I advised the sales associate that I was not happy with that as what was the point in carrying out the test. The sales associate confirmed that she was very good yet I was not convinced. Later in the week I tried on the pair and found blurry vision, which made me take them out straight away as it set off a headache.

    The second optometrist in a different branch carried out my eyesight test and was patronising and arrogant in carrying out the assessment as her questions were not direct, which could have meant anything and by asking her to clarify as I didn't understand became patronising and arrogant.

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