Southwest GasEEP charge

Our all Republican Arizona Corporation Commission, which is supposed to be protecting us, has allowed SW Gas to add on a new EEP charge as of Nov 2014 (they were probably paid off). If the weather is warmer than normal and you don't use as much gas as they think you should, they now have the right to add a charge onto your monthly bill, based on what they think you should be using. My EEP charge for Nov. was $16.17. This is more than the basic gas fee to keep the service on and you get nothing for it. This charge will be listed on your bill as EEP Weather Adj. File a complaint with the AZ Corporation Commission. Call 5 on your side and channel 12 investigations. Post online. If there is an attorney out there, we would be interested in filing a class action lawsuit. I am getting SW Gas out of my house. Electricity has become cheaper. I am using an electric convection oven instead of my gas oven. If necessary, I am prepared to use space heaters until I can get my A/C/heating unit switched out for an electric heat pump. You can put a solar panel on your roof for your hot water heater or put a timer on an electric one such that it only turns on during off-peak hours. The key is to use all of your electricity off-peak.

Dec 14, 2014

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