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Southwest Airlines / pilfering from luggage!

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This e-mail is being sent to tell people to check their luggage carefully after flying with Southwest Airlines. I took a flight with them last week. My luggage did not have an inspection notice in it, it was not damaged or opened in any way, and it was a direct flight to my destination. When I reached my destination I discovered that two pieces of my under clothing were missing. I was sure I'd packed them, but decided to wait to call them until I got home to make sure I'd not left them at my home. I had not...

I called Southwest and was told that I need to call their long distance claims dept.number. I was then told by their claims dept. that the claim would be denied by them because:

1.) More than 4 hours had passed since I received my luggage,
2.) there was no visible damage to my luggage.

So, my assumption is that because their employees know this policy, they are taking small items that won't be missed immediately. Now I'm wondering about those earrings that have been "lost" on a prior trip.

So, my advice is to either not fly Southwest Airlines or to make a complete inventory of what you packed so that you can check to make sure nothing is missing. Include it with a big note inside your luggage to discourage anyone that might be thinking of pilfering through your belongings.
Lori in Arizona

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  • Ru
      24th of Dec, 2006
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    I also had a small item stolen from my bag in July of this year. I had an expensive bottle of EsCada perfume packed in the outer pocket of my luggage. When I returned home, it was gone. The value was roughly $65.

  • Va
      2nd of Jan, 2007
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    I recently took a flight with Southwest told their baggage persons I had fragile item checked, it came back to me broken as if they were looking for something?? I sent pictures, receipts, the would not claim only a 100.00 dollars but B. D. Gift from my kids Unhappy in AZ

  • Ge
      1st of Aug, 2007
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  • Ma
      27th of Aug, 2007
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    Flew direct from Alb. to Love Field on Aug. 26, checked one bag. My prescription medicines were stolen from it and the zipper was damaged. My fault for not locking luggage, yes. Wish I'd checked this site prior to flight!!

    Sad world we live in when an employer does not care if they have thieves amongst them. Don't they video these people???

    MK in Glen Rose TX

  • Br
      27th of Mar, 2008
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    I had a bottle of twelve year old scotch stolen from my bag flying from LAX. I was given the same "4 hours passed..." line as well as a lie that the TSA confiscates bottles of liquid that aren't packed in "Leak proof containers" whatever those might be. Southwests customer service response was indifference and no one could actually tell me what security measures were in place to ensure that employees weren't stealing from bags. The best response I got before being they hung up on me was the baggage handlers are so busy moving bags they couldn't possibly have time to steal.

  • Np
      16th of Aug, 2018
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    Southwest Airlines - Rude workers
    United States

    I have been traveling on Southwest Airlines for several years now with my family. But this last trip was horrendous. The ladies working were so rude and it just wasn't need it. Like I always likes traveling with Southwest Airlines but I don't know if I want to continue. That's how rude those ladies were.

  • Ju
      20th of Aug, 2018
    0 Votes
    Southwest Airlines - baggage destroyed
    United States

    My Luggage was torn broken and it looked like if it was run over by a train !!! I've been traveling for a year straight to LA once or twice a month and this is how I receive my bag ??!

  • Dm
      20th of Aug, 2018
    0 Votes
    Southwest Airlines - delayed flights
    United States

    Boarded the plane in Vegas, slow slow slow ... obviously trying to fill up the plane with standby... 45 min flight to LA ends up taking 3 hrs ... turning into every other airline when you used to be ON TIME ALWAYS !!!
    Why load it up knowing it will not depart on its scheduled departure?

  • Jo
      26th of Aug, 2018
    0 Votes
    Southwest Airlines - Airline attendant
    United States

    Kara Marie Piganelli Airline attendant just arrested in Denver. Colorado and charged with a folony. Dunks during on duty hours and y'all would drug test her for weed and coke. She is headed down the wrong path just thought y'all should know .

  • Le
      1st of Sep, 2018
    0 Votes
    Southwest Airlines - my flight
    United States

    They Just canceled my flight and didn't even bother to tell me! I tried changing it for a earlier flight and the kooks attendant wanted to charge me $180! Moved my flight to depart 2hrs later! Now I'm late for my daughter's first birthday. Disappointed and upset.

  • Na
      22nd of Oct, 2018
    0 Votes
    Southwest Airlines - claim form of delayed bagggage
    New York
    New York
    United States

    On Sunday may 28 we flew from Orlando to New York in flight number 1533 were our baggage got delayed.
    So to claim the money for the baggage delayed from our insurance company they require the claim form.I kindly request you to look into this matter and reply as soon as possible
    Thanks and Regards

  • Th
      19th of Nov, 2018
    0 Votes
    Southwest Airlines - Gait attendent at Orlando Florida airport gate 129
    Orlando Florida
    United States

    Gait attendent was extremely rude upon customer walking to desk. After a long exhausting trip with small children at Disney. I did not appreciate being treated so poorly with just trying to ask a simple question.

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