SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / warranty claim problems

It all started when I sent my LG v10 mobile to fix its exterior parts "back cover, front screen and replacement of battery" in 4/04/2018. They took it and after 20 days of repairing they return it as good as new but they gave me the black version, so a differently new mobile but all my data was on it so there was no issue here.

Then after exactly 2 days, I don't know what they did with the phone but the phone is now completely not functional. It won't work at all, so I sent it back to and that was on 01/05/2018, at the beginning they told me 4 to 7 business days, after this period they told me more 7 days and today "15/05/2018" they are telling me to wait also for 7 days. On 22/05/2018 they still didn't bring it back, and I send an email complaining about their service and they didn't reply at all.

Finally, at 26/05/2018 return it to me, However, after waiting for almost 2 months, I received my phone without the data in it. It is completely new phone "they changed the exterior the first time and now they changed the interior of the phone" This totally unacceptable especially that they were the reason why the phone "died". I didn't wait for 2 months just for a fresh new phone, I just wanted the data that was on it, the phone is two years old and worth less than 500 dirhams but the data on it was priceless. I tried to talk to any manager, but they kept saying they will call me today, and yet nobody contacted me at all.

I am disappointed on, I used to by a regular customer and I have different accounts and purchases that are approximately over 15000 dirhams, so seeing how they are handling the situation badly makes me wonder why I bought from at all.
Note: As a solution, I didn't want any kind of compensation, I just want my money backā€¦

May 28, 2018

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