Dear Sirs,

Since several months, May-June, I bought from this website a smartphone Moto X play dual sim, but both sim cards didn't work. So, I asked for return, but you returned it back to me saying that it's an usage abuse, although I didn't use it!! And I tried to call you to explain this and it was so bad and unprofessional service, too many calls and each one has a totally different reasons to explain why you returned it back to me. It would be better to tell me that something is not working and offering repair it even paid, cause you know well that Motorola doesn't have an official office here in Egypt.

I'm still have the phone, not repaired. I'm not satisfied at all about the service after Buying, and Sadly it's hardly to buy something from you agin or recommed you as a trusted seller.


Dec 03, 2016

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