SonyGift Card

I received a $75 sony gift card for the express purpose of purchasing "ebooks" which I have done many times. I went to the website, ordered 11 ebooks, went to check out, only to be told that my gift card had not been activated. Called sony - twice - and verified online - gift card had $75 balance. Finally was told that the gift card could not be used to purchase ebooks - even though you can access the "Store" and place ebooks in your CART from the can't use the gift card. Go figure. After multiple calls to Sony, it was suggested that I purchase another reader or accessory or something I didn't need...then return it...and see if I could get a card that would work to purchase ebooks. Now, that is GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE, DON'T YOU THINK? When I told them I wanted to write a letter to complain, I was informed that there really wasn't anyone to write to who could help me. They won't let me send back the sony style gift card to be replaced by a sony ereader gift card - even though they are the same people - guess that was too difficult for them to comprehend.
So, long and short...I WILL NEVER BUY SONY AGAIN. And I now understand why $5 billion in gift cards go unclaimed each year, according to a 12/9/10 article...How much do gift cards suck? GIVE CASH OR A CHECK FORGET THE GIFT CARds...


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