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Sony Computer Entertainment America / Bad service

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I was playing my Playstation 3 one night, the power shut off on the system but I still had a red light on the front of the console. I turned it back on and had power for a few minutes and the system shuts down and will not boot back up and no lights on period. I called SCEA ASAP, and notified them of my problem. They told me it was an internal power failure and that they will send a prepaid shipping box for me to send the PS3 to them for an in warranty exchange. I purchased the 60gb PS3 September 19th, 2007, and treated this system like gold, never dropped, scratched, thrown, mistreated, etc... I even saved the original box it came in. When I moved, I packed it back in to the original box and had on the front seat buckled in. Anyways you get the point of I treated this system very well.

Ok, SCEA gets the system and deemed it out of warranty, do to when they opened the system some tabs were broke, but the warranty sticker was still intact (first rep.). I talked to the reps supervisor and she said the same thing, that the decision is final once it comes through to the service reps. I said I want to talk to someone over you. Oh gosh, this person was rude, He told me He will not help or do anything to help and to just give him the $150.00 or he will send the system back not fixed.

I said ok; let me speak to the head of the techs that looked at my system. He transferred me to Neil Inn; He kindly listened to our side of the story. He told us that the service techs do not open the PS3 systems at all and they just open the shipping box and deemed it out of warranty by just looking at it. So two things 1st they lied to me about opening the system and 2 blamed me for dropping it. They said when they received the PS3 that one corner was scuffed (look at the photos taken by Neil, does that look like a scuff?) and that the bottom was falling out and the top was loose (blaming me for dropping it). I have 3 witnesses that have seen how I take care of my PS3 and games and seen the MINT condition it was in when I put the Playstation 3 in the box to be shipped to SCEA.

My Playstation 3:


There Nasty Playstation:


My damages resulting from SCEA's actions = I purchased the PS3 for $550.00 and it came with a one year warranty. Now I have to spend another $150.00 to get a refurbished 60gb PS3 system. The total I will be paying because of SCEA is now $700.00, not to mention the hours on the phone with the reps and Neil. In addition, you can get the Metal Gear Solid 80gb PS3 for &499.99 + tax. Who is lucking out with this one?

I have been a loyal customer since the first Playstation came out. I will not buy anything else. Neil sent me some pictures of "my" PS3. He took a close picture of the serial (just to verify it was mine) and a picture of a nasty looking PS3. It looks as if Neil took a picture of another system and is trying to pass it off as mine. The reason I say this is that the serial number on the nasty PS3 is washed out (or to hot) from the flash (bad picture). I also went into the properties of each photo and found that the nasty PS3 was taken before mine was even shipped (Taken-July 31st, 2008 / Shipped-Aug 1st, 2008) and the photo of the back of my PS3 (Serial Number) was taken Aug. 6th, 2008 the day after I requested photos.

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