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Don't get me wrong. I used to love I'd order prints for amazingly affordable prices, pay swiftly with a credit card, and have my high quality prints in a matter of days. I loved them.

Last Thursday, I ordered about 40 prints from after receiving a coupon in my email (free shipping! yay!). The coupon wasn't being accepted, so I tried calling customer service. Their computers were down (go figure) and I was told to call back in 30-45 minutes. Before I could get a question in, I was hung up on. Twice.

I finally got a hold of someone about an hour later, and they took care of my order manually and honored the coupon which was expiring the same day. I received an email on May 30th saying they had been shipped. Fabulous.

It's now Friday afternoon. The mail has come. No pictures. This means I now have to wait another 3 days. (I had them shipped to my work.) I've been waiting for them for a week.

I knew I was going to run into a problem when someone with a thick Indian accent I could barely understand took my phone call this afternoon.

The guy proceeded to argue with me about the shipping dates. I told them that if they shipped on May 30th, and it takes 3-5 business days, I should have them by now. He then tells me that processing takes 1-3 days, and shipping takes 3-5 business days, not including Saturday and Sunday. Okay, GREAT. I repeat to him that Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are all business days. I also let him know that the United States Postal Service carries mail on Saturdays, so regardless of is closed on Saturday, the mail isn't. He then continues to argue with me, and that I should actually allow 7-9 business days for the delivery. I hung up. I wasn't getting anywhere with the guy.

I then called back, and again got someone with a thick Indian accent. I got nowhere with them.

I called back a 3rd time and requested to speak to a supervisor. The (again, Indian accent) girl asked me for my email address, and how to spell it. I gave her my information, and simply requested to speak to a supervisor. After about 2 minutes (which I knew she was using to read notes the representatives probably left on my account), I asked again to speak to a supervisor. She then informed me that I should receive my delivery today.

I informed her that mail had already come for today, and that I did not receive my order, and that was why I wished to speak to a supervisor because I wasn't getting anywhere with the regular customer service reps. You know what she did? She told me to wait until the end of the day. I again asked for a supervisor. She told me they were in a meeting and could not be bothered, and again told me to wait until the end of the day.


She then repeated to wait until the end of the day and to call back if I hadn't received anything.

I. then. spoke. like. this. to. get. it. into. her. head. that. the. mail. already. came.

And for a third time I asked to speak to a supervisor (all the while trying to maintain my cool), and she then placed me on hold for 5 minutes.

I hung up.

And that marks the termination of my relationship with

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  • Mo
      30th of Apr, 2010
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    I WILL NEVER USE SNAPFISH AGAIN!!! They are the most ignorant, poorly designed, untrained sales reps I have ever had the displeasure of wasting several weeks with!!! I was told to update my credit card info, becuase the one they had had been canceled due to it being lost. I was reissued another card and "updated" my info as requested by the email notification. It told me wait 24 hours. So I waited. IT DIDN'T GET CHANGED! So I do it again. And wait...2 weeks later after it said order was 'processing' I get another email threatening to send negatives back due to incorrect credit info. I go in and it is OLD one still there!!! I change again and go to find a contact us page. They opened an instant chat box and I spoke to a person who assured me everything was fine and I would receive my full order in a few days. THEN, that night I get an email saying they were unable to process!!! OMG SO I go back and chat and they 'escalate' whatever that means to them, and I get an email this am saying:

    Response (Kumari) 04/30/2010 03:11 AM
    Hello Melanie,

    Thank you for contacting Snapfish Customer Support. Your recent inquiry has been escalated to me.

    I am sorry for the inconvenience.

    Unfortunately, our 10-day holding period for your order has passed and we still have not received a response advising us that your payment information has been updated. As a result, we could not complete your film developing order and your negatives were sent back on Apr 29, 2010.

    Your negatives are most likely held up in the US Mail and should be delivered soon. We know how important your negatives are so plesae be patient; negatives are rarely lost in the mail.

    The next time you send in a fil order, please be sure to include either a personal check/money order or a credit card number (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) to cover the cost of your order. Please note that we also accept ATM/debit cards with the MasterCard or Visa symbol.

    Please let us know if we may be of any further service.

    I MEAN WHAT THE HECK???!!! Never again!! I will post and raise my voice and 'help' dissuade ANYONE from using this 'service'!!!

    Sorry about the rant, Melanie P.

  • Se
      8th of Dec, 2015
    0 Votes

    I have been a customer for years and always highly recommend snapfish. Unfortunately, when I had a problem, there was no customer service number. I tried the chat. The first person told me to upload photos to my account and then get in line again. I did. I got the same person, but he did not seem to understand the simplest problem. Then he disconnected. Then I got in line a third time, the new person disconnected almost immediately. Then another person came on, and I am 2 hours in at this point. The chat is so slow. All I need to do is send back a book and reorder the same book with the text on the cover changed! So easy! The new website is terrible for creating books also. I had to use the classic site, and I think that is what the whole problem was with my order having the wrong text, but either way, they are supposed to have 100% customer satisfaction. I will post below one of three conversations in a row that all basically went the same way, just so you have some idea of how much time you are going to spend if you have a problem. This is where I am at now. The most confusing stuff is at the end:
    Vishnu Mandyam: Hi, my name is Vishnu Mandyam. How may I help you?
    me: Hi
    me: I was just speaking with another person for an hour and got disconnected.
    me: I had a problem with a photo book I received.
    me: It had the wrong text on the cover.
    me: I have fixed the book and placed it in my cart.
    me: I have also uploaded photos of the issue to an album called quality issue as instructed.
    me: The order number was …
    me: It was actually 2 identical books red cover 36 pages
    me: still there?
    Communication with {display_name} has been lost. Please wait while attempts are made to restore the connection.
    You will be requeued in approximately 30 seconds.
    Communication with {display_name} has been restored.
    me:still there?
    Vishnu Mandyam has disconnected.
    Srujan Akkaldevi: Hi, my name is Srujan Akkaldevi. How may I help you?
    Srujan Akkaldevi:
    Thank you for contacting us through Snapfish Live Chat. I am happy to help you today. May I have the email address associated with your Snapfish account?
    me: I got disconnected with the last two people I was chatting with.
    me: here is the issue: me: Hi
    me:: I was just speaking with another person for an hour and got disconnected.
    me:I had a problem with a photo book I received.
    me: It had the wrong text on the cover.
    me: I have fixed the book and placed it in my cart.
    me: I have also uploaded photos of the issue to an album called quality issue as instructed.
    me:The order number was …
    me: It was actually 2 identical books red cover 36 pages
    Srujan Akkaldevi: I am Sorry This must be due to tool Issue..
    Srujan Akkaldevi: Can you send me the snap shot of those error book..?
    File attachment upload has started.
    The file Untitled3.png (903.32KB) was received.
    File attachment upload has started.
    The file Untitled4.png (558.69KB) was received.
    me: I also uploaded the snapshots to snapfish
    me: I am using the classic site, maybe that is the problem?
    Srujan Akkaldevi: Ok thank you
    Srujan Akkaldevi: I will be back in 2-3 minutes, please be on chat..
    me: ok
    Srujan Akkaldevi: thank you
    Srujan Akkaldevi: Can you send me snapshot of the error book that got you in the order
    me:I just did
    me: One minute
    Srujan Akkaldevi: Please take a photo of that and upload it, in the chat box
    File attachment upload has started.
    The file 32.jpg (48.5KB) was received.
    File attachment upload has started.
    The file 33.jpg (94.64KB) was received.
    me:can you see the photos?
    Srujan Akkaldevi: Can you tell me what the problem with the book..?
    me:the text is wrong on the cover and first page
    Srujan Akkaldevi: Ok,
    Srujan Akkaldevi: I have seen that, there is no such text font on your purchased order..
    me: I used the classic site
    me: maybe that is the problem
    me: I would like to send the book back and order a new book
    Srujan Akkaldevi: No if you place from any site the order you get, will be same as you purchased there will be no such big difference in the order
    me: I fixed the problem and added the book to my cart
    me: I will send a screenshot of what I am seeing
    File attachment upload has started.
    The file Untitled.png (622.52KB) was received.
    File attachment upload has started.
    The file attachment upload was canceled or there was an error.
    Srujan Akkaldevi: I think there is no problem with the book, I think you have confused
    me: see? the text was changed to 2014
    me: I have the book next to me and there is a problem
    me: Is there a customer service number I can call and explain?
    Srujan Akkaldevi: No i think you are seeing another one
    me: Can I send the book back?
    Srujan Akkaldevi: There is purchased book, i am seeing that one you have ordered
    me: the one I ordered is wrong
    me:: I am not happy with my order
    Srujan Akkaldevi: I don’t see any error that you send me
    me: the cover says 2015. it should say 2014.
    me: same with the first page
    Srujan Akkaldevi: You have made it 2015, so how can it be 2014
    me: I went on the cruise in December 2014
    me: so, it needs to say 2014
    me: I fixed it before ordering, but it did not save properly.

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