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Shutterstock Complaints & Reviews

ShutterStock / automatic renewal of policy a scam and no ability to cancel

Jun 10, 2019

Hello, Shutter stock use very tricky means to sign you up for a subscriptions making you believe it is a monthly plan that will expire in 30days and then you realize its monthly plan for an annual subscription. If you try to cancel they will rip you off the deserved photos and also charge...

ShutterStock / can't cancel my account / they charge you for cancellation

Apr 28, 2019

I've not used my shutterstock account for months already. Of course when the annual mark came in (April 2019), they charge my card without any notice. So when I see this in my card records, I request for cancellation as the account is of no use to me. They are quick to get back to their...

ShutterStock / shutterstock 1 month pack

Apr 03, 2019

Scam. Autorenew on by default - turn it off. Shutterstock does not send a monthly renewal email or send a monthly invoice as is usual because they know they are scamming. It just keeps billing your card. 1 month pack turns into several month billing. Autorenew must be clear and...

ShutterStock / shutterstock auto renewal plan is on. you may not realize that!!

Jan 02, 2019

We have the same problem. Shutterstock's has the auto renewal button checked, and this year Shutterstock just took US$49 from my credit card without noticing me. So, be cautious, even if you make a one-time purchase. I did not see / notice the default button last year. I called the credit...

ShutterStock / will let my 6,000+ follower know that shutterstock is a scam

Nov 06, 2018

My experience is like everyone, no need to say. Was tricked to purchase the $29 plan and now it's a recurrant charge and YOU CANNOT CANCEL IT unless you pay $180 fee or do that "within 30 days of your annual period", said some random guy at some random call center. Screw you Shutterstock, I am not...

ShutterStock / auto renewal

Aug 04, 2018

Dear Sir/ Madam, First I wanna tell You that I am using Shutterstock for years. I was always choosing it when I was working for other publishing houses. I always get the right support from Your staff and I was really satisfied. But I had to tell You that Your customer service did a very...

ShutterStock / automatic opt-in for auto-renewal

Apr 13, 2018

I'm a graphic designer for a non-profit. Last June, I needed to download one photo from Shutterstock, so I purchased the minimum two photo credits needed for the download. This option is called "365-day Images On Demand" and does not indicate that this is an annual subscription. In fact, I...

ShutterStock / auto-renewal/cancellation

Oct 23, 2017

Called to speak to a representative about canceling my plans: the image on demand and the $29 monthly subscription where I can download 10 images per month. The lady I spoke to on the phone was extremely rude and told me the cancellation fee was at least $120. $120 is WAY TOO MUCH MONEY to...

ShutterStock / Shutterstock is charging for renewal even if option is turned off

Apr 05, 2017

The company, which makes everything complicated to get a filedownload, is altough charging you for renewal with the renewal option turned off. They turn it on on their own and charge several days before the end of the paid period. On the 4th of March I ordered a 30 days period with 750...

ShutterStock / Unauthorised credit card charges

Mar 29, 2017

Date : 29.03.2017 Oman, Phone: +96899100267 My name is Anup it was found that OMR 88.853 has been debited from my BANK MUSCATcredit card on 29th March 2017, I was not using this card from long since and also not purchased any thing from ShutterStock, I need this amount to be credited back...

ShutterStock / Auto renewal

Mar 10, 2017

I purchased 2 stock photos from shutter stock last year & now they charged my credit card again for "another year of service" - I never signed up for anything yearly, I only purchased a few photos. Apparently they put everyone on AutoRenewal & recharge you each year!!! Seriously! This i...

ShutterStock / Can't cancel plan

Feb 17, 2017

I have registered on Shutterstock for the 1-Year Subscription, Standard License with 750 Downloads per Month - with monthly payment. Due to this, I had a discount. I realised that I don't use so many images and asked them for a solution to get a more affordable plan with less image...

ShutterStock / They scammed me and stole my money!

Jan 19, 2017

I was signed up for this scam and I when I contacted them I told them that I was not interested in their service and did not want to renew my account. Shutterstock assured me that they will not renew my account and that I have nothing to worry about but that was just a scam. Next month I...

ShutterStock / Thieves

Dec 01, 2016

Do not deal with Shutterstock they are real thieves and they use this well known automatic renewal scam! I used their service only once and next month they charged me again. I tried to get my money back but they refused and said that was impossible. But they promised they will not charge...

ShutterStock / Auto renewal

Sep 30, 2016

In September 2014, I purchased 2 images for my freelance work. In 2015, I noticed a charge on my credit card. I didn't realized that Auto Renewal is on as a default as soon as I make a purchase. So I made sure that the Auto Renewal was turn off on my account. Today (September 2016), I...

ShutterStock / Automatic auto renewal on all orders

Aug 23, 2016

When purchasing credits on Shutterstock for either images or video clips they automatically opt customers in to auto renew so they are continuously billed until they go into their account and turn auto-renew off. I wanted 10 video clips which I paid for and downloaded. When I looked at my...

ShutterStock / Fraud

Aug 13, 2016

Our bank account was charged £130 and we had not placed any orders. Neither my wife nor I are customers of this company. I rang immediately after I discovered this to tell them - the day after the fraudulent deduction. The man who answered said he had raised 'an account', which would be passed...

ShutterStock / Download deadline

Aug 02, 2016

I had no idea that there was a deadline to download something! No one said anything about that!! I have purchased an image from Shutterstock but I was in a hurry and decided that I'll download when I return home. When I came back from work and immediately went online and tried to download...

Shutterstock Images / Images

Dec 19, 2015

I signed on to Shutterstock last night to check some images and I always do that as my profession requires. This morning I found out I bought their images and they charged me 49.00 US for nothing. This is simply outrageous. I didn't buy anything (no images, no plan) because I don't need...

STK Shutterstock / Deducting $49

May 12, 2015

My name is Praseetha S P, it was found that $49 has been debited from my HSBC credit card on 6th May, I was not using this card from long since and also not purchased any thing from ShutterStock, I need this amount to be credited back to my card at the earliest to avoid any further...

ShutterStock / Shutterstock is a pyramidal scheme and mock of privacy policy

Jul 30, 2013

1. Shutterstock is a pyramidal scheme The way it works is simple: You make photograph/video-graph believe they can make a fortune selling their work online through this website. Thousands of amateurs, pro, semi-pro or anybody who believes in it send its pictures for review. Selection is made...

ShutterStock / Privacy violation

Jul 29, 2013

Please don't send any data, information and details to this "organisation". Having done so I regret it. I have sent my details and information in 2012.In 2013 I wanted my details and data to be removed from their systems. Their privacy policy pretends that you can do so but when...

SHUTTERSTOCK.COM NEW YORK / unauthorized debit


I found my credit card charged for 1 transactions of $ 249.00 in the name of SHUTTERSTOCK.COM NEW YORK . I know nothing about them as i made no subscriptions or purchases.

Shutterstock Images / Terrible company!

I purchased a 1 month shutterstock account (costing $200) because they are one of the biggest stock photo sellers out there, and it seemed alot more economical than IStockphoto which is currently very expensive. Don't get me wrong, they are a great value if you don't mind: 1. Quite...