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Or pictures of my daughters never received them.

back in February of 2020 I ordered my both of my daughter's school pictures one is in kindergarten the other one is in 6th grade. They took the money off my credit card but I have still not received their pictures. I have tried calling twice and never got an answer. today I checked the mail and I had two big lifetouch envelopes in their got excited open them up and they were empty just a piece of cardboard in a paper telling me to order pictures.

Customer support line (5/6/2020)

My mom waited for over an hour to see when pictures for my sister would arrive. They were taken in February. Someone answered, but whoever it was didn't say a word. For 40 seconds, my mom kept asking if someone was there. Still, no answer. Instead, my mom got a message that said "call failed". She's called again. This time there was a 79 minute wait. "Available 24/7", was said while we waited, but it was not true. We waited for 30 minutes and it said that there was 60 minutes left. Something doesn't add up. We eventually hung up but held our spot in the line, and the call said that we should be contacted in 84-94 minutes. I don't know what type of math is being calculated, but it is definitely wrong. We still have no answer to when the pictures will get here.


Lifetouch's yearbook site was awfully terrible than other yearbook sites. I wish I could use another yearbook site for our yearbook. The customer service lacks and I wasn't able to get a report back to me, when it said clearly "2-3 business days", in which, it hasn't come back to me yet. It's been 3-4 months since I sent out an email to the company about my complaints, and I never got an email back. Lifetouch's customer service is terrible and I never received any word from them! If the customer service is tremendously outrageous (one of the highest qualities to a company), you can tell that this company is bad.

Digital image

I place my digital order 2/7/20 on LIFETOUCH. 1 week later no digital photos. so I called and they confirm the order again they say it will take 24 - 72 hours and I will receive my digital image and I'll be be able to see the digital in my Shutterfly account. 1 week past again still NO email, NO digitals in my Shutterfly account, so I called again and just like the first call. They told me exactly the same and this time I'm definitely loosing my patient but ok I waited again... I waited more than 72 hours NO DIGITAL in my email from Lifetouch nor in my Shutterfly account so I called and same old f*king words from the agent and this time I have a little tiny patience to wait it's been almost a month now and I called again both companies (Lifetouch and Shutterfly) and NOTHING, they just keep saying same thing over and over... ridiculous costumer service. I wish I can rate the agent each after call. I will definitely give them 0 star 🤬. And they'll spam your email too with those good deals but once you have a same problem as me? all they can say "I AM SORRY BUT I can't do nothing about it because your order has been process already and send it to your Shutterfly account many times"... B•S

Digital image
Digital image
Digital image
Digital image
Digital image
Digital image

customer service/photo release

I did an on-line photo request to WalMart for a photo of my parents a number of years old. I could not pick up pictures because I need a photo release and cannot find the release or, after trying for almost an hour, I could TALK to a live person. This photo is for family members due to the death of my father. I need to be able to pick up these pictures today!

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my daughters photos

I ordered and PAID FOR school pictures of my little girl, Eva Carpenter. She is in K-4 at the University Charter School in Livingston Alabama. I received a packet of photos, but it only had 38x10s and one sheet of 5x7s (two 5x7s). I ordered $40 worth of pictures, which was the Deluxe package. I have my receipt still in my emails. I expect to receive the rest of my pictures ASAP. I cannot get any one to answer the phone at Lifetouch. I attached a screenshot of my receipt to the bottom of this message.

my daughters photos

  • Ma
    Mary Ann Hansen Jan 08, 2020

    I did not receive my full order and attempting to contact them was a nightmare!! They are the worst!

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school picture

I ordered a school picture back in July 2019. Have not yet received it! I called in September and I was told I'd receive it 4-6 weeks. Called in October again 4-6 weeks. Called November again 4-6 weeks. Called in December I was told 4 to 6 months- MONTHS!!! How can that be if Costco can print pictures in less than 10 minutes my order is ready! My check was cashed no problem there?

bought my kindergartners school pictures and never received

I have contact life touch severL times regarding the school pictures i bought and never received. Sadly i never received her class pic either. I called the CS line and got a lady who could barely speak english. She told me a 3rd party company in my area would be getting ahold of me. After being on the phone with her for 45 mins i was frustrated. She wouldnt gove me the local companys name, and lord knows I am dreading calling again. I shloudnt have to call multiple times. I paid for the product now send it to me. My other daughter is in 3rd grade at same school and i got both of her pics and class picture. Lifetouch you suck! I have bought preschool and k and 1 and 2 and 3 years from u and never had an issue until now. I will not be funding your company ever again!

attention immediately

One of your Employees.. Jamily Gray is a 43 year old man that works for your company taking pictures of children. It is quite an unprofessional atmosphere that he brings to the table. He has prayed on women as young as 21 years old, he has a serious drug problem as well. For this man to be taking pictures of pre school children is just beyond me. This man needs to be relieved of his duties around children. As soon as possible before something worse happens.

school pictures

My kids had their school pictures taken on 10/7/2019 and they received an envelope a few weeks later with JUST ID cards in them. It is now 12/11/19 and I called to find out where they are and was told they can not find the image. NO ONE called to tell me that the $63.00 I spent is lost and how did they get ID cards and NO PICTURES.
All I was told is I apologize and that they will fill out a form. Not one mention of a credit, more pictures once they were found, a digital image nothing to make it better.

so now the pictures I was going to use for Christmas will NOT be here and I get nothing for the aggravation. I still dont understand how you can process ID cards but cant find the image for the actual pictures. Totally unacceptable to me. I pray the next school dose NOT use them. I may never get school pictures done again if they use Lifetouch.

have not received child's 1st grade photos ordered 10/17/19

I ordered my child's photos on 10/17/19. I called the 1-800 number 11/14/19 to find out when they would be shipped. I was told that my order was processed and shipped and I should receive them within 10 days. It is now DECEMBER 8 and I have no school photos. I planned to send these photos out with my Christmas cards but it looks like this may not be happening. I am beyond frustrated by this. This is unacceptable. There is no communication from the company to let us know as to why there is such a delay, however they WILL send countless emails about sales and ordering more photos. I hope my child's school switches to another company for photos as this is extremely unprofessional.

portrait id: NRQ2-PRJW Access code: 2492

school photos

My son had school pictures 11/5. I am still waiting for the pictures. When I contacted you you said within three weeks. The customer service was awful. It has been over a month now. You email reminding me of retake day in three days when I've not even received the original pictures. Furthermore, I find it insulting that you inundate my mailbox with advertisements for holiday cards and gifts when I had to get another picture if my son from my phone for my Christmas cards and have ordered those late due to waiting for your pictures. Your pictures are also horrible. My son is not even looking at the camera in a digital shot I finally got (still waiting for the physical ones), and I have literally thousands of great pictures of him on my phone, so it's not that my son won't cooperate. I'm not sure if you can refund the digital image cost. Last year's picture had a huge glare in it, and the spring picture was at an odd angle. Last year's class picture my son wasn't even looking at the camera either. You also went to the school in which I work and placed over exposed pictures of one other teacher and myself into the yearbook. We looked like ghosts. That is unacceptable. I did not even show up to take the picture this year because usually students find teachers near the yearbook deadline and take a random shot. THOSE phone pictures are a thousand times better!! I'm really upset right now. Many many pictures taken and not ONE good picture.

high school pictures "held" without notification

Where to begin. Simply the worst customer service I've ever experienced. Wait--there is no customer service so please disregard my previous statement.

We hosted a Spanish foreign exchange student for a full semester. High School pictures taken on picture day along with my daughter. My daughter's pictures arrived in a few weeks. Our exchange student's pictures never arrived. When her return date approached (over 15 weeks later!) still no picture so I called "Customer Service" and they said because her last name was different from mine (duh) the pictures were "Held". NO NOTICE to me. NO NOTICE to the school. NO NOTHING from Lifetouch.

It took SEVEN phone calls with these idiots to finally release the pictures. Of course, the pictures arrived well after her return to Spain. As you can imagine, shipping from Colorado to Spain was MORE than the cost of the pictures. I had the displeasure of making FOUR more phone calls to the get right person to give me the "Access Code" I need to add a digital download to my previous order. Of course, Lifetouch does not give you the Access Code in your online pre-order...oh no...they only mail that to you if you don't pre-order. I have Order Number, Picture Day ID, Shipment ID, Batch Number, Work Order Number, Session ID, and a slew of small numbers on the bottom of the actual pictures in my hand--but Lifetouch in it's infinite wisdom requires an "Picture ID" and "Access Code" they DO NOT give you in order to add to your previous order. Priceless.

I've never seen a company go so far out of it's way to frustrate, alienate, and hinder it's customers from making purchases. Wow.

My neighbor is a photog nut and he'll be very happy next year for senior pictures as I'll be damned if Lifetouch gets another dime from me.


I want to complain about one of your employees. She was scheduled to do retakes in Neilburg, SK from 10:30am - 12:00pm. I arrived no later than 11:15 and she was already packed up ready to move on to her next destination. She refused to take my son's picture (who is in pre-k so he never did have an intial picture taken) and told me I have to follow her to the next school which was over half a hour away. Of course I did otherwise my son wouldn't have had his picture taken and was devastated. Highly unprofessional!! She should have remained at the school for the remainder of time she was supposed to. I feel that she should be held accountable for the inconvenience. She was also rude about the entire situation!! I sure hope you take my complaint seriously and do something about it. I'm sure I'm not the first one to file a complaint against her!

school photos/requested refund

My name is Alisha Dupree I purchased a package on 1 of the portraits had the 6th grade on it the other sheet of 3x5 had 1st grade on them my child is in the 2nd grade called to have the portraits corrected which the 8x10 was corrected with the correct grade and the 3x5's were corrected as well but only sent me a half a sheet called explaining that I should have received a full sheet of 3x5 pictures that show 2nd grade when I received the full sheet of 3x5's the grade was incorrect so @ that point I requested for a refund because I was extremely disappointed representative advised me that my refund would be submitted well I waited the allotted time and never received my refund requested to speak with a SUPERVISOR @ this point I was completely over/unsatisfied with this spoke a supervisor he then said he would go ahead and submit the refund waited the allotted time again then made another called to see what the status was for my refund well that refund was never submitted this was completely unacceptable to me and I asked to speak to someone higher up the chain the rep took all of my information and said I would receive a call back from a supervisor or someone higher up well I still have not heard anything from anyone and still have not received my refund THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE AND I WILL NEVER PURCHASE FROM THIS COMPANY AGAIN I could understand 1 mistake but for me to have to call 4 and 5 times is completely ridiculous. Its very unfortunate because my child is only in the second grade and since he has been in school I've purchased both fall and spring portraits and even wanted to purchase from Shutterfly to send out Christmas cards and gifts but with all the mistakes made I didn't PLEASE REFUND ME MY MONEY and I will never deal with lifetouch ever again. This is something that should have never happened being as though this company had been around for many years


11/29/2019-I get soooooooo many emails from this company and I have been forced to use them for many years with multiple kids at different schools. I wish I knew the kickback the school or the district get. Every year I have some sort of problem.

When are the school systems going to realize that we are now in the age of digitization. We don't NEED this company to do this service. There are other much more inexpensive routes with better customer service, more options and better quality.

Bottom line: This year they emailed me a Black Friday coupon. 20 minutes trying to get the coupon to apply. I finally chatted with them - apparently their photo print services is one company and their yearbook print services is an entirely different company. Brand confusion = shady business practices. Why didn't I get an email from 'the other company'?


I had money taken out of my account without my permission and I am wondering what I have to do to get it back I had paid for the pictures the day they were taken and didn't get them had to register them online enter my bank account info and $82 was taking out of my bank account all I want is the money back I have try to contact them online and there were suppose to call me back still nothing

  • Updated by Johnson1987 · Nov 28, 2019

    I just want my money back

not getting my child's pictures back I paid for.

I'm very irritated that I have to call or talk to you guys yet again cause I still have not gotten my kids pictures. I've talked to someone different three times already because all I got was the ID card and someone said they will send my pictures out we paid for. And everyone that I have talked to has laughed at me and said they will send them and yet they still haven't. I'm not backing down. And I think it is very unprofessional to laugh at a customer when they are upset. And they said they'd send me an email with a code and nowhere did I get that either. I have had this problem before with another one my children and I got so fed up with talking to the very rude man I talked to that I hung up and never got her pictures either. I don't know why I have to keep calling. Why won't someone just send it. 😡

poor service

Firstly I'd like to start off by saying this has got to be one of the most disorganized companies I've had do deal with. And I will be contacting our school superintendent about the possibility of hiring a new portrait company for my children's school. I have 2 daughters (10th grade, 3rd grade) so diff schools but nevertheless they both used Lifetouch. Both of my girls had their pictures taken at Open house (8-8 & 8-12), I ordered their portraits on 8/30. It is now November 20 as I wrote this! 3 months later here I sit still to wonder where are my daughters portraits ?? I've contacted their 800 # which is their "customer service" line and I've only spoken to the same lady ALL 4-5 times I've called. The lady doesn't speak English very well and to be honest I don't think she understands me half the time. The first time I called was on 9/30, the lady stated she'd reissue both packages again that nothing was on file about my pictures on what happened?? Umm ok. So the only thing that saved me was having my confirmation #'s from my orders. So after about an hour on the phone i was told they'd be reissued. Fast forward to mid Oct, figured I'd better call them again and see if any progress is being made... guess what? No info avail again on my pictures. So another 45 minutes on the phone with going over conf #'s, addresses and etc and they'll be resent, AGAIN. Oh I will also mention I tried to get the lady to connect me w a supervisor and to no avail or I waited on hold 25 mins I think was the longest, so yea that doesn't work either. 11-6, still no pictures so I call again. Well we already know what happened (repeat previous steps), I mean this is just ridiculous by now. So questions for Lifetouch: Why the same lady EVERY time to answer your "customer service" line? I mean did u just train the poor lady to play dumb when people call? If so shame on you, cus I could imagine how many angry people she deals w on a daily basis. I've checked the BBB on your company and you don't have a good track record what so ever. I honestly do not know how you're still in business. Let me guess though, not a lot of competition maybe. So idk I've more less given up on the pictures cus I refuse to get my blood boiling over this company any longer. It just sux cus these are our children's school portraits you're talking about and I'm sure every parent that ordered pictures, want them !

horrible customer service

Been trying to reach a customer service rep/ supervisor for WEEKS now. Always very lengthy hold times. Last night waited an HOUR and 20 MINUTES and finally got through, but the rep spoke little English and was hard to understand. My call began at 4:58pm and ended at 6:27 pm with NOTHING RESOLVED. I still have NOT received the digital download which I ordered in October. At this point I would like a refund, but can't get through to customer service. I will NEVER do business with this company again!!!