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fraudulent charges

Snapfish began charging me $14.95 per month for something I never ordered, then claimed that I had signed up for a program that isn't even listed on their website. I asked for photos that totalled $3.95, and was charged an additional 2 dollars plus the monthly fee, which I noticed after two months. I was directed to a customer service number that sent my call to India, where they told me there was nothing they could do. Then I contacted the VALUEPASS people, who said I had signed up for there program. This had NEVER happened. It is a complete scam and I am angry. I contacted my bank to dispute the charges, and they are working on it. BE CAREFUL on the internet

  • Ch
    cheryl Rosenberger Sep 06, 2011

    I WOULD NEVER have signed up for a club at $14.95 a month to save a few bucks on a photo service I used ONE time for ONE christmas present for my inlaws. It was a $20 photo order. I NEVER gave them my credit card number authorizing a charge for this monthly value pass club. When I called (INDIA) the man told me it's a pop-up window that appears after you make your purchase. Apparently they design it so you don't even notice you've joined something. The problem is when a person signs up for a trial membership in something you have to give your credit card number - so you realize that you're going to be billed monthly after the trial. THIS SNEAKY FRAUDULENT WEBSITE takes your credit card from the purchase you made before. In my case a calendar with family photos for my inlaws. I would not think to be super-duper on my guard watching out for a site like snap fish lest I accidentally join something that bills every month. The reason this is ENCORE MARKETING is because they are the JUNK FRAUDS who come up with these ideas. Shame on Snapfish!!

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I've used Snapfish for about two years now I believe, this passed year though I havent gotten around to places any orders on there site and thats when it started. Everyday (and I do mean every day) i've been getting sent the same exact email from them basically saying " Order from us or we will delete your photos" They got there point across in the first email really. No reason to spam me everyday for over a month. I've spoken to there live customer service, the first person said they'd fix it but nothing happened, the second person I spoke to said they'd send the issue to the proper people and I should get a response but I have yet to hear anything. And am still getting the emails daily.

misleading website and info

This website will actually only accept a credit card with an Australian billing address despite; http://www.snapfish.com.au/helppaymentoptions Nowhere on the site does it say that all other credit cards are discriminated against.

This site is misleading and wastes people's time because they find out right at the end that they cannot complete the online shop. Their customer support cannot offer any other way to make payment to complete the order (even Australian bank account direct transfer).

How can we stop this??

horrible experience

I had a HORRIBLE experience with Snapfish in ordering Christmas cards. They did not send me enough envelopes to send out all of my cards, in fact, 1/4 of them. When I called to have the envelopes sent out immediately to rectify the situation, they told me they would fix it. 4 days later I have yet to receive those envelopes. I called in and had to raise my voice before anything was done and any questions were answered. They couldn't tell me when my envelopes would arrive nor did they send them with any priority at all.

With all of the other online picture websites for digital pictures, cards, etc. please look into using someone else. You will save yourself a lot of headache. Try Shutterfly or Kodak or one of the others instead and tell your friends to look elsewhere as well.

  • Cr
    Cryslee Jun 03, 2016

    Snapfish decided to update my address to Brookville when I live in Brooklyn when I called customer service I was sent to a call center in India to a rep who could barely speak English and just kept telling me to wait for them to ship the order when they could have just fixed the address and send it to the right place as it was not shipped yet, However they refused I will never order from them again

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shipping: overnight lie

A lady at work is retiring and so we wanted to make a photobook. We put a rush on it so that we could receive...

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lousy service

I thought I had found the perfect christmas gifts for my familiy. I ordered 2 collage mouse pads, 1 aprand, 1 magic mug and 2 collage mugs... after 10 days I resive 2 collage mouse pads and nothing else... I write and an email to customer service and get the response that they will try and send the order again.
today I resive a new package from snapfish... all the things were there BUT!!!
One of the mugs are NOT ours. The pictures on it is nor our child an the text is not anything I wrote.
I am PISSED!!! there is only 8 days until we celebrate christmas here in Denmark and I really doubt that the right mug will be here in time.
And what about the mug that we resived that is not ours...?
It is really not a great way to keep customers coming back...

(sorry for my bad english - I am danish and I don't use english in writeing that often)

  • Da
    Darlene Dawson Jan 26, 2009

    I ordered 6 mini books & 2 photo albums & according to them were sent out Dec. 15th. Didn't receive the mini books till January & didn't have my address on there. Got lucky fedex tracked me down. Today is January 26, 2009 & still have not received my photo albums. They had no problem charging my credit card even thought I hadn't received my merchandise. Never will use again. Thinking about getting my free stuff but afraid they will charge me.

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delay in receiving order

Ordered the free photo book offer available through Oprah Nov. 18 (ordered 1 free book plus 2 extra copies). Estimated shipping date was a week later. Now, on Dec. 11, it still has not shipped. CAlled a week ago and was told to wait until the 9th...it should be there. The "service" rep didn't even check on anything. Just looked at the latest date it should arrive and told me to wait. Last week the order said "printed", now it says "received and in process". Clearly this company was not prepared for heavy business. I will put in a dispute with my credit card company until I receive this. It's supposed to be Christmas gifts, but I have my doubts. I wouldn't do business with them again. Try another company if you want online photos. I don't mind mistakes, but I expect service when there is one.

e-mails threatening to close my account

I originally had HP photo, for free, as I purchased an HP machine in the early 2003. Then HP sold off to Snapfish. Then Snapfish came 'free' (it had always been to be before as HP Photo) to Comcast users. Then I moved and they would NOT let me change my account info. Not only that, I can no longer download my photos as I could with HP Photo, and if I do, they're half the size as I uploaded. This is 2008, and Snapfish took over in 2005. WHY they won't let me change something as simple as my e-mail address, who knows!

On 11/2/08 I received an e-mail from Snapfish telling me that if I don't 'purchase' something from them that they are going to close my account. Yes, the account with them I had no choice in, and that I have no ability to change. I immediately responded asking them why do I have to purchase, and if they're really going to close it. I asked that they send my my library on CD so they can close my account.

I have gone through (2) computers and ALL my photos are on that account. I would be DEVISTATED if they closed it; it's bad enough I can't retreive them without them looking like a postage stamp! My lesson learned by not making my own back-up, but shame on them for 'threatening' me with these e-mails when they don't even have the courtesy to respond. As far as I know, in one week I won't be able to access my last 5+ years of photos!


  • So
    SO Nov 26, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I ordered the free photo book offered by snapfish on the Oprah show. I made it and ordered it. Now it says cancelled order. So I emailed them asking why it was canceled and that I did not want it canceled. Now I received an email from their "smart assistant" stating that they are sorry that I am leaving them and my account will be immediately canceled! Ahh! No, I didn't want that! I have credits for photos, the photobook I just made, & the last 5 years of photos- including my 2nd & 3rd babies being born! I emailed them about an unrelated subject over a week ago, so how long is this reply going to take???

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  • Ta
    Tabbi22 Jun 18, 2009

    I know this was a few months ago but did they end up closing your account?? I use Picture it and am happy with that. I have been getting text messages from snapfish but I am on the no call list.

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received someone else's order

Alicia Rafferty, the wedding was beautiful. I feel like I was there. Unfortunately, Snapfish royally screwed up my order. I was sent 232 photos of the best day of someone else's life along with my own photos, many of which were missing. I am completely ticked at the response I received when I called Snapfish's 1-800 customer support number, especially after spending over $80 and it was my first order with the company. First of all, someone who barely spoke English and was probably in some call center in a foreign country somewhere answered. He was rude and condescending when I tried to explain the problem with my order. After being put on hold for several minutes, he finally agreed to issue credit for the missing pictures. I insisted on free shipping since it was not my fault that the order was wrong, but had to ask for it myself.

When MY problem was finally resolved, I asked what we could do about the 232 precious pictures I had received in error which belong to someone else. His response was "nothing, no need to return them". I said "what about the woman who ordered those? I have her name and barcode number. Will you be contacting her?" He rudely said "I don't need to know her name. If she doesn't receive her pictures, then she can call us". Obviously, she is not going to get her pictures. I placed a reorder of my missing prints with the credit I was issued, but I can assure you, it will be my last order with Snapfish.

In closing, sorry Alicia... I am truly concerned about your pictures, but Snapfish customer services apparently couldn't give a crap. I will hold on to them for a while. Chances are you may want to write a complaint too and will stumble across this posting... if so, respond. I would be happy to send them back to you. As for Snapfish, we are done.

  • Cr
    crystal Jun 25, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I COMPLETELY agree. Snapfish has terrible customer service!!!
    .Unfortunately I lost all my images when my computer crashed but fortunately they were on Snapfish. So I proceeded to place an order for 2 overpriced full res cd's into the cart. (yeah, about 60.00 for 2 high res cd's from their server, what a rip. What, they cost maybe $4.00 ) I go to process the order and receive an error that 13 were corrupt and that I had to remove them from the cart to proceed. Ok - Maybe customer service can do this faster so I don't have to redo the entire order.

    Well - follow along on my journey through hell:

    Grip#2: I can't add or remove individual image from the cd's, just the entire album. Well... I want the other photo's in the album so I call
    customer service during operating hours. I did get an American, NICE as could be and very helpful. He told me it may be a server
    error to wait a couple of days and call him back if need be. So the error continued. I emailed instead (dummy me) just to receive an
    automated response. Then another response came through telling me to try different computers, browsers, empty cache, restart blah
    blah so I did, no luck.

    Grip#3: I emailed back, and got similar response. I went to the live chat (after hours) and got good ole Rick who really was good for nothing.
    I explained that it took forever to figure out which albums I wanted on the CD's and that I would like to for them to remove the 13
    images so I didn't have to redo the ENTIRE order from scratch. All he said was, " sorry for the inconvenience, give me the error"
    so I did. His response, "remove them from the cart to proceed" WTF. You are kidding me. DUH. Can you remove them??
    Silence, " Is there anything else I can help you with? Thanks - Don't forget the Survey" END :s (Damn pop up blockers, missed it)

    Gripe #4 Went to another live chat, this time overseas, a Mr. Ulrich. I asked for the link to the live chat survey and he sent me to 3
    different links all of which were not correct. I proceeded with my question, and he replied, "remove the images from the
    cart" OMG can no one answer the my question, " CAN YOU REMOVE THE IMAGES ON YOUR END?????" Every
    time, they just pause and then say "sorry for the inconvenience, is there anything else I can help you with?"
    Yeah, maybe you can answer my question.

    Gripe #5 Title: The Call -So the 1-800 number went to some far away land where the English is apparently outdated.
    Huh?!?! That was my response the majority of the time. So I repeated the problem for a 3rd time and he just said,
    "Sorry for the inconvenience, please hold"(as the Jeopardy melody runs through my head).
    7 minuets pass and I'm STILL waiting. "Yes Ma'am, you still there? Sorry for the inconvenience, please hold"
    AHHHHH I'm about to inconvenience someone in the eye! He got back on then said, "Did you follow the instructions
    in your email???" Yeah, about 10 times. You can only empty your cach and try a different browser so many times.
    I have tried on both Mac and PC. "OK, you will need to empty your cart and reload the images."
    ME - "Sir, like I said my hard drive crashed I don't have them. Can you not just take off the 13 images on your end?"
    MR. Helpful - " UMMM, you will need to empty your cart then redo the order"
    ME - "Your kidding me. It took an hour to do the order... order... order..." and that was it. He HUNG UP!!!

    I've never been so insulted in my life. I was trying to be nice as long as I could. I once again did the live chat and an Stanly the American informed me in his first response, No, I can't do that on my end. WOW - how hard was that.

    Needless to say, I'm going to have to make a fake album, move the truncated images in that album, then redo my order.

    A simple, "no I can't do that" would have suited me.

    Where is customer service these days?????? If I didn't need those images so bad, I would just go somewhere else. This will be my last order!!!

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customer service

Don't get me wrong. I used to love snapfish.com. I'd order prints for amazingly affordable prices, pay swiftly with a credit card, and have my high quality prints in a matter of days. I loved them.

Last Thursday, I ordered about 40 prints from Snapfish.com after receiving a coupon in my email (free shipping! yay!). The coupon wasn't being accepted, so I tried calling customer service. Their computers were down (go figure) and I was told to call back in 30-45 minutes. Before I could get a question in, I was hung up on. Twice.

I finally got a hold of someone about an hour later, and they took care of my order manually and honored the coupon which was expiring the same day. I received an email on May 30th saying they had been shipped. Fabulous.

It's now Friday afternoon. The mail has come. No pictures. This means I now have to wait another 3 days. (I had them shipped to my work.) I've been waiting for them for a week.

I knew I was going to run into a problem when someone with a thick Indian accent I could barely understand took my phone call this afternoon.

The guy proceeded to argue with me about the shipping dates. I told them that if they shipped on May 30th, and it takes 3-5 business days, I should have them by now. He then tells me that processing takes 1-3 days, and shipping takes 3-5 business days, not including Saturday and Sunday. Okay, GREAT. I repeat to him that Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are all business days. I also let him know that the United States Postal Service carries mail on Saturdays, so regardless of Snapfish.com is closed on Saturday, the mail isn't. He then continues to argue with me, and that I should actually allow 7-9 business days for the delivery. I hung up. I wasn't getting anywhere with the guy.

I then called back, and again got someone with a thick Indian accent. I got nowhere with them.

I called back a 3rd time and requested to speak to a supervisor. The (again, Indian accent) girl asked me for my email address, and how to spell it. I gave her my information, and simply requested to speak to a supervisor. After about 2 minutes (which I knew she was using to read notes the representatives probably left on my account), I asked again to speak to a supervisor. She then informed me that I should receive my delivery today.

I informed her that mail had already come for today, and that I did not receive my order, and that was why I wished to speak to a supervisor because I wasn't getting anywhere with the regular customer service reps. You know what she did? She told me to wait until the end of the day. I again asked for a supervisor. She told me they were in a meeting and could not be bothered, and again told me to wait until the end of the day.


She then repeated to wait until the end of the day and to call back if I hadn't received anything.

I. then. spoke. like. this. to. get. it. into. her. head. that. the. mail. already. came.

And for a third time I asked to speak to a supervisor (all the while trying to maintain my cool), and she then placed me on hold for 5 minutes.

I hung up.

And that marks the termination of my relationship with snapfish.com

  • Mo
    Mogsluvr Apr 30, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I WILL NEVER USE SNAPFISH AGAIN!!! They are the most ignorant, poorly designed, untrained sales reps I have ever had the displeasure of wasting several weeks with!!! I was told to update my credit card info, becuase the one they had had been canceled due to it being lost. I was reissued another card and "updated" my info as requested by the email notification. It told me wait 24 hours. So I waited. IT DIDN'T GET CHANGED! So I do it again. And wait...2 weeks later after it said order was 'processing' I get another email threatening to send negatives back due to incorrect credit info. I go in and it is OLD one still there!!! I change again and go to find a contact us page. They opened an instant chat box and I spoke to a person who assured me everything was fine and I would receive my full order in a few days. THEN, that night I get an email saying they were unable to process!!! OMG SO I go back and chat and they 'escalate' whatever that means to them, and I get an email this am saying:

    Response (Kumari) 04/30/2010 03:11 AM
    Hello Melanie,

    Thank you for contacting Snapfish Customer Support. Your recent inquiry has been escalated to me.

    I am sorry for the inconvenience.

    Unfortunately, our 10-day holding period for your order has passed and we still have not received a response advising us that your payment information has been updated. As a result, we could not complete your film developing order and your negatives were sent back on Apr 29, 2010.

    Your negatives are most likely held up in the US Mail and should be delivered soon. We know how important your negatives are so plesae be patient; negatives are rarely lost in the mail.

    The next time you send in a fil order, please be sure to include either a personal check/money order or a credit card number (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) to cover the cost of your order. Please note that we also accept ATM/debit cards with the MasterCard or Visa symbol.

    Please let us know if we may be of any further service.

    I MEAN WHAT THE HECK???!!! Never again!! I will post and raise my voice and 'help' dissuade ANYONE from using this 'service'!!!

    Sorry about the rant, Melanie P.

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  • Se
    serena933 Dec 08, 2015

    I have been a customer for years and always highly recommend snapfish. Unfortunately, when I had a problem, there was no customer service number. I tried the chat. The first person told me to upload photos to my account and then get in line again. I did. I got the same person, but he did not seem to understand the simplest problem. Then he disconnected. Then I got in line a third time, the new person disconnected almost immediately. Then another person came on, and I am 2 hours in at this point. The chat is so slow. All I need to do is send back a book and reorder the same book with the text on the cover changed! So easy! The new website is terrible for creating books also. I had to use the classic site, and I think that is what the whole problem was with my order having the wrong text, but either way, they are supposed to have 100% customer satisfaction. I will post below one of three conversations in a row that all basically went the same way, just so you have some idea of how much time you are going to spend if you have a problem. This is where I am at now. The most confusing stuff is at the end:
    Vishnu Mandyam: Hi, my name is Vishnu Mandyam. How may I help you?
    me: Hi
    me: I was just speaking with another person for an hour and got disconnected.
    me: I had a problem with a photo book I received.
    me: It had the wrong text on the cover.
    me: I have fixed the book and placed it in my cart.
    me: I have also uploaded photos of the issue to an album called quality issue as instructed.
    me: The order number was …
    me: It was actually 2 identical books red cover 36 pages
    me: still there?
    Communication with {display_name} has been lost. Please wait while attempts are made to restore the connection.
    You will be requeued in approximately 30 seconds.
    Communication with {display_name} has been restored.
    me:still there?
    Vishnu Mandyam has disconnected.
    Srujan Akkaldevi: Hi, my name is Srujan Akkaldevi. How may I help you?
    Srujan Akkaldevi:
    Thank you for contacting us through Snapfish Live Chat. I am happy to help you today. May I have the email address associated with your Snapfish account?
    me: I got disconnected with the last two people I was chatting with.
    me: here is the issue: me: Hi
    me:: I was just speaking with another person for an hour and got disconnected.
    me:I had a problem with a photo book I received.
    me: It had the wrong text on the cover.
    me: I have fixed the book and placed it in my cart.
    me: I have also uploaded photos of the issue to an album called quality issue as instructed.
    me:The order number was …
    me: It was actually 2 identical books red cover 36 pages
    Srujan Akkaldevi: I am Sorry This must be due to tool Issue..
    Srujan Akkaldevi: Can you send me the snap shot of those error book..?
    File attachment upload has started.
    The file Untitled3.png (903.32KB) was received.
    File attachment upload has started.
    The file Untitled4.png (558.69KB) was received.
    me: I also uploaded the snapshots to snapfish
    me: I am using the classic site, maybe that is the problem?
    Srujan Akkaldevi: Ok thank you
    Srujan Akkaldevi: I will be back in 2-3 minutes, please be on chat..
    me: ok
    Srujan Akkaldevi: thank you
    Srujan Akkaldevi: Can you send me snapshot of the error book that got you in the order
    me:I just did
    me: One minute
    Srujan Akkaldevi: Please take a photo of that and upload it, in the chat box
    File attachment upload has started.
    The file 32.jpg (48.5KB) was received.
    File attachment upload has started.
    The file 33.jpg (94.64KB) was received.
    me:can you see the photos?
    Srujan Akkaldevi: Can you tell me what the problem with the book..?
    me:the text is wrong on the cover and first page
    Srujan Akkaldevi: Ok,
    Srujan Akkaldevi: I have seen that, there is no such text font on your purchased order..
    me: I used the classic site
    me: maybe that is the problem
    me: I would like to send the book back and order a new book
    Srujan Akkaldevi: No if you place from any site the order you get, will be same as you purchased there will be no such big difference in the order
    me: I fixed the problem and added the book to my cart
    me: I will send a screenshot of what I am seeing
    File attachment upload has started.
    The file Untitled.png (622.52KB) was received.
    File attachment upload has started.
    The file attachment upload was canceled or there was an error.
    Srujan Akkaldevi: I think there is no problem with the book, I think you have confused
    me: see? the text was changed to 2014
    me: I have the book next to me and there is a problem
    me: Is there a customer service number I can call and explain?
    Srujan Akkaldevi: No i think you are seeing another one
    me: Can I send the book back?
    Srujan Akkaldevi: There is purchased book, i am seeing that one you have ordered
    me: the one I ordered is wrong
    me:: I am not happy with my order
    Srujan Akkaldevi: I don’t see any error that you send me
    me: the cover says 2015. it should say 2014.
    me: same with the first page
    Srujan Akkaldevi: You have made it 2015, so how can it be 2014
    me: I went on the cruise in December 2014
    me: so, it needs to say 2014
    me: I fixed it before ordering, but it did not save properly.

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still bills credit card after canceling acct

I signed up in December 2007 for a free trail of Snapfish. My daughter wanted me to join so she could send me videos of the grandchildren. I was never able to download my videos or receive any from her. I called them in January after they billed for another month and cancelled, they gave me a confirmation number and said they would credit my account for both charges. I never received the credit and have been billed monthly since then. The only phone number I have has been disconnected. [protected] is the number that appears on the credit card charges. I have been disputing the charges but they still continue to bill me. This is such a rip-off, so please beware of Snapfish.com. Is there a way to stop them from billing my credit card?

  • Ak
    aking61 Oct 01, 2010

    I ordered over 200 prints and half of them were unrecognisable, dark blurred rubbish. I am now up tp 16 emails after two months and this week they said that they had a problem with emails all through September and could I send the scans of my problem images again ... now all that happens is my emails are returned. Rubbish service with NO quality control, avoid at all costs.

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free print scam!

Instant win game, look inside to win, shows xbox, hp, desttop, among a few other things. Open up it says congratulations you've won 25 free prints. To redeem your priz visit www.Snapfish.com/shrekprints and enter your winning code. Shows the code. When you type in code it comes back has code not recognize! Very disappointing!

terrible service / poorly engineered site

I have called. I have emailed. My emails go unanswered or bounce, which is more typically the case. I have been trying to order a photo book in my cart for 3 weeks for my son's 2nd birthday, which has now come and gone. Snapfish has terrible service, a poorly designed web site (Hello, a website who has a defunct email listed on its site... [protected]@snapfish.com). Their "escalations" department was supposed to get back to me in 24-48 hours. That was a week ago. The icing on the cake? They cap your email complaint email at 240 characters, and won't let you submit it unless it's less than that, but they don't tell you where the 240 character cutoff is. Last time I checked, it was 2008 and counting characters was a fairly simple. Tool to offer your customers. Come on, help your customers out. All I want is to order my photo book (Which took me 4 months to complete) and move away from snapfish as quickly as I can. Save yourself some trouble and never use snapfish again.

poor customer service; never received product

In March I ordered prints from our last trip to Japan. I ordered a bunch (200-some) 4x6 photos, 1 or 2 5x7's, and 3 8x10's. The 4x6's and the 5x7's arrived in a few days but the 8x10's were missing.

In 2005, I ordered calendars from Snapfish which featured photos from my wedding. They sent me calendars with someone else's kids on them. Just to give you some background. But I have been their loyal customer for over 3 years.

I emailed Snapfish and asked if the photos had been shipped or even printed. Instead of answering my question they told me to wait. So, three separate times I asked if they had been printed or shipped. Three times I was ignored and told to wait. Wait? Why? So I can figure out Snapfish never did print them? Yes!

So now 23 or so days have gone by and I contacted them again. I was expecting an email that said they were sorry and that the photos had been printed and were on their way. Instead I got an automated email that I have been given a credit for 3 8x10's. So, it looks like they were never printed, but instead of telling me this, and providing some form of customer service, they just sent me an automated email. This is the crappiest customer service I have ever witnessed, and my first job was at McDonald's.

I wrote back and asked for a refund instead of a prints credit. I'm not stupid; I'm not placing another order so they can screw me one more time and I can spend another three weeks waiting for prints that will never arrive. Instead of reading my email, the customer service rep told me that the issue had been handled and that I have received a credit.

It remains to be seen if I will ever see my photos or my money. But I will not be buying prints from them again.

  • We
    wespit Jun 23, 2011

    Agree with the poor customer service from Snapfish, customers be aware, if you have any issue they will simply say they are unable to help. If you call you get someone from India answering the phone who has no idea. Snapfish Disappointing!!! Never order again!!

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poor prints and poor customer service

Hi, I have been using snapfish for almost a year now and up until January this year they have been very good...

unauthorized charges!

This is under investigation at this time. However I feel I should let people know of the scam that is going...

fraud and cheating!

We received a Shrek 3 DVD for Christmas of 2007. There was an "Instant Win" game piece attached to the DVD. Upon opening the game piece, we noticed we had won 25- 4"x6" photo prints. When we went to the website (www.snapfish.com/shrekprints) provided to redeem our prize, we received a screen indicating that the site was shut down until January 17, 2008 do to fraud. I have been trying several times per day to redeem the game piece since January 17th but all I keep getting is that the site is very busy do to the holidays. The holidays are over so why are receiving this message and what type of scam is this company pulling? I am frustrated and angered and will be boycotting this company until such times my complaint has been satisfied.

I have also filed a formal complaint with the Better Business Bureau, Hewlett Packrd, and [redacted]s!

  • Ja
    Janet Shave Feb 19, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    tried to claim my 25 prints 4x6 and nothing came up. Is this the scam of the picture takers or what? If this is not what it shows to be then where is hewlett-packert denieing being part of this scam.

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  • Ma
    mario bronzino Feb 23, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Whats up with this faulse shrek instant win drama they say ive won 25 4"x 6 photo prints by hp??? Snapfish well there a bounch of fraudes im really upset.

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bad sale

I brought a shrek dvd and it said I won some free picture prints but once I went on line it said the prize alredy been claimed. I would like to know how you win something and cant claim it.

  • Ot
    ottoimken Feb 06, 2008


    I am very sorry for the trouble you experienced. I am the Worldwide Customer Support Manager for Snapfish and I will be glad to issue you 25 free prints since this code does not seem to be working. Please send me your Snapfish account email address and I will issue these credits to your account directly.

    Thanks, Otto

    Otto Imken
    Worldwide Customer Service Manager
    Snapfish Division, Hewlett-Packard

    tel: +1-415-979-3910
    e-mail: [email protected]

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  • Li
    Linda Gross Feb 19, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I purchased Shrek 3 and tried to redeem my prize of 25 4x6 photo prints. I received only fraud and scam messages. I was not able to redeem my prize.

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  • Tr
    trey Apr 25, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    why would these people put the chance to win games on these movies! all it is, is a big fat scame to get people to by that movie, get online like me and it turns out to be some scam.

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shipping deception!

I too wish I had read the complaints on this website before patronizing snapfish. I ordered a photo ornament on december 11, after confirming on the snapfish website that I would receive it in time for christmas. I was pleased to get an email on december 17 stating that it had shipped. When I hadn't received it by christmas eve, I emailed customer support and received an email that seemed to ignore then fact that christmas is a "time is of the essence" kind of date, blamed the delay on the post office and stated that it left their hands on the 17th. Sort of like - "we know it's frustrating, but it's the post office's fault, not ours - - let us know how it turns out. "

Well I was suspicious because the us post office usually has its stuff together. And why didn't snapfish give me a usps track and confirm code? So when I got the package on december 28th, I saw that there was a usps track and confirm code right on the front of the envelope. So I want to the post office website and entered it. Now, the usps website won't tell you when the package with electronic postage was shipped - - snapfish said dec 17 - - but it will tell you when the shipping label was printed - - december 20th. So... Unless the us post office is conspiring to ruin snapfish's reputation, it appears that snapfish has lied to me.

I have emailed the customer service rep to give this company a chance to explain itself, but based on the other complaints on this website, I doubt they'll be able to. I understand that quality can sometimes be and issue and that from time to time a mistake can be made - - but this goes to the ethics of a company. You either have them or you don't. I still leave room for the fact that this could be an isolated instance, but based on the other comments here, I don't think i'll ever use snapfish again.

  • Ka
    kathy Jun 15, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    when my father's day gift didn't arrive on time - I went to see if snapfish had any complaints. As with this customer, I see that I had a similar situation. I ordered with enough time to for my gift to arrive by father's day...they said it shipped on the 9th - would taske 3-5 business days - still not here on the 14th - hence not here on the 15th-father's day. I called snapfish - do they outsourse to India? that alone always angers me...Final outcome - no explanation why I hadn't received my order - got a credit for 20 free prints. They should hgive you a tracking number!

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  • Dr
    Dr. Catherine Fung Nov 19, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am just too busy: I spent half an hour finding where I could place an order on Sunday.
    Can't find...
    Thinking that I missed the deadline.

    On Monday, your email extended the Oprah freebook deadline.
    I spent the whole morning trying to just find the place that says "PLACE THE ORDER."

    I explained so to your live-agents.

    You smart live-telephone agents (3 of them and I already waited averagely one hour each)always made me wait to check my account (after I waited, then POP, the link which I have read 100 times and still canNOT find where to place the order popped up.

    I tried Monday evening going through the steps-- There were NO LIVE Agents in thek evening-- and still fail (I emailed and it was like a catch-20, also no-return within 24 hours as indicated.)

    So spent Tuesday morning, the whole morning, asking your live-telephone agents... Why would I still do that?

    "Tuesday morning's wait is longer and the agents were NOT ANY MORE HELPFUL THAN the day before.

    Last night I tried again and went through the routine of reading your hel-link then doing it step by step... I STILL COULD NOT FIND "PLACE THE ORDER."

    This morning I found your belated email; please just read your email...[Here is Snapfish agents's email:

    "Hi Catherine,

    "Thank you for writing to us.
    We certainly regret any inconvenience.

    As per our records you have a free credit for FREE PHOTO BOOK. To use this credit please place an order for standard 20 page 8 x 11 custom cover photo book.This credit expires on 11/22/2008.
    You can place an order now and the credit will automatically apply for your customer cover photo book and you need pay shipping charge.

    Snapfish is committed to your satisfaction, and we make every effort to meet your expectations.
    Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance."]

    Do you see if you are more helpful than any of the previous Snapfish agents?

    I decided that I give up receiving Oprah's free photo album from you because I think that free gift is costing me too much, already.

    For the Complaints Readers: I have used mail- order since years ago and have quite a lot of experiences with mail-orders and customer-helps...

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fraudulent charge!

I downloaded my pictures to Snapfish.com and they were "supposedly" shipped on 12/5/07. I waited for a couple of weeks and no pictures and nothing on the website other than they charged my credit card! Called on 12/26/07 and had to wait at least 10min while the customer no-service person said it would be shipped out immediately and they had my pictures. The website showed they were shipped out 12/27/07 and I still haven't received them. Nothing on my personal website showing the pictures... They were supposed to be shipped out for overnight delivery since they never shipped them in the first place. Where are the pictures?

Last time I ever use this company... so beware!

  • Ma
    Mandy Dec 30, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree. I have just had a similar problem with Snapfish. I placed an Order on Dec 11 for a Christmas ornament. the website showed that it shipped on the 17th and met the deadlines to arrive in time for Christmas. When it wasn't here by Christmas Eve, I send an email and they promised it had left their hands on the 17th and blamed the post office.

    I received the ornament on the 28th and saw that there was a US Postal Service track and confirm code on the envelope, so I went to the USPS website to check and see when it was shipped. Well, you can't tell exactly when it was shipped from that, but I was able to tell that it DID NOT ship on the 17th like they said -- because the label wasn't even printed until the 20th!

    Unless the post office is wrong, Snapfish lied to me. And I don't patronize a company with such low ethical standards. BEWARE!

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  • St
    Stephanie Joy Dec 30, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My experience with Snapfish has been superb, this Dec. (2007) being the first time I used them. I created and ordered several "everday" photo books - they were lovely and shipped within a day or 2 of ordering. Then I ordered photo ornaments, also quite timely and lovely products...I am creating a leather photo album but haven't ordered it yet as I am still proofreading my captions, etc. I wonder how many poor experiences have occurred. I couldn't have been happier with my experience and will use them again and again and again. (Unless I have a poor Customer No-Service exerience if SnapFish were to err.)

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  • Gr
    Grego Nov 24, 2009

    I was about to order 30 mini-photobooks from Snapfish, using their 50% off code that they emailed me ("50% off all photobooks for the next four days, " etc.) After getting my photos into the online templates, I found out during checkout that there would be an almost $50 charge for shipping and handling!!! Yes...that is FIFTY BUCKS!! Needless to say, I didn't press the "send order" button...they can keep their 50 percent...I'll take my business somewhere else.

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