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scam and cheating!

To redeem your free prize visit / www.snapfish.com/shrekprints but when you do it. It said you need to buy them. Enter you winning code. but you can not.

Beware of this scam!

  • Li
    lisa rodrigue Jan 02, 2008

    So snapfish dosen't work I went to there web-site. There wasn't anyplace to put in the code but when I looked on the back paper it says to go to www.snapfish.com/shrekstickers. NOT www.snapfish.com/sherkprints Whats really sad is that lots of people got these on there movies and it dosen't even work

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  • De
    denyse mitchell Jan 27, 2008

    I think you all are the ones with the fraud I bought this movie for my son on his birthday nov 21 07 he was happy he got it and then he was really happy that he thought he won something but the site told him to check back after jan 17 08 due to fraud claims. no site just for stickers claims very heart broken boy and very angry mom. Please do the right thing and at least give him his prize. Please make this little person a believer.

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  • Ta
    Tanya Gutierrez Feb 02, 2008

    they said that you actually won something but when you go to the website it just goes to their other menu, where you purchace things and there is no place to put in the coupon number nothing.....this is nothing but a scam!!!!!!! why even waste your time putting this on the movie covers when you cant even keep your word!!!!!!! so irratated!!

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  • Sh
    shayne mccarthy Mar 05, 2008

    Very irritated it said I won something and my kids were excited and then you cant even find the website that is printed on the front. This is fraud and they should be ashamed.. My kids were disapointed. I will report them to the BBB, you all should too.

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no customer service!

Let me start by saying that I wish I would have seen the complaints on this website prior to ordering from...

didn't receive order, no response from customer service

I ordered photo gifts from snapfish on nov 26th, figuring that would give me plenty of time for them to arrive for christmas. Well, it's dec 17th, I haven't received my order yet, and even though the customer support page promises 1 day response time, it's been five days since i've contacted them, and I haven't gotten a response yet. Their lack of phone number is really making me mad.

  • Cl
    Claire Segura Dec 31, 2007

    I agree. Ordered enlargements from them that I have never gotten. On contacting the customer service was told to keep waiting. I am not a ### it does not take a month for the mail to move. Have supposedly been given a refund on my credit card, however, it is not showing. Am alerting my state attorney and better business bureau.

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  • Ka
    Karen Chow Jan 17, 2008

    Just an update: I filled in a form on their web site with some harsher language, and I finally got a response from them. They did end up sending me my photo gifts order, but it was shoddy. It looked like a kids crafts project: bubbles in the mug, and white glaze spilled over the photo area on the ceramic snowflake.

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  • Ju
    June Jan 18, 2008

    I have ordered photos from them last weekend. Should be with me within 1-3 days as they promised. However, nothing coming yet!!! I think they are rubbish!

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program deleted after downloading snapfish!

I thought that the snapfish program sounded great... Upload your photos to snapfish and they will also be downloaded into your picture files... Well no it didn't happen that way. Once I downloaded the snapfish program I was no longer able to download my digital photos directly to my files... I've sent many many emails for assistance with no answers from snapfish.

My photos have been hijacked and the "deal" with snapfish is not a deal... Beware and don't download this program to your computer.

  • Cl
    Clint Chapel Jan 09, 2008

    Read before you download! You CAN upload your pics to SnapFish from your PC, OR you can download the software (what you did) and upload your camera directly to SnapFish. Just remove the software and you'll be fine.

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  • St
    Steve Feb 27, 2008

    What the??? Apparently, they allow their uses to upload and share photos, but the do not allow *even the owner* of these images to download them without paying for them!

    Check this out:

    1. Take photos with digital camera

    2. Upload to Snapfish

    3. Click 'Download Hi-Res'

    4. Pay $.50 for the first photo and $.05 for each with a maximum of 50 photos per 'download'.

    What??? Obviously, never use Snapfish for anything, they will sell you your own files! If you uploaded 256 photos, it would cost you $14.75 for the 250, and .75 for the remaining 6, a total of $15.50 to download the files you own.

    It owuld make sense for them to charge if they processed your film, but come on, if you upload, you shouldn't have to pay to download!

    Bad business, avoid!

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  • Rl
    rlyan Dec 30, 2008

    Here's how to download the photos from Snapfish to your computer without paying for them.

    On SnapFish, view a slideshow of the photos you want to download. It doesn't matter which photo of the slideshow you have enlarged when you do the following, as long as you know the title of the photo(s) you want to download. View the page's source (View: Source, in Internet Explorer). In the source, search for the title of the photo you want to download. Look for the first URL that appears above the photo's title, it should start with ""http://images1b.snapfish.com/". Copy and paste the entire URL into your web browser and hit enter. If you did it right, the image will appear by itself and you can right click it and save it to your computer.

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poor service!

Every year, I make a photo book for my daughter, and we view it as a family the night of her birthday...

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lost pictures, poor customer service!

Snapfish sent me someone else's pictures and they were double exposed with someone else's pictures. In some pictures of these strangers that I don't know, there is my daughter infused into the background of the other pictures that don't belong to me. I sent them a letter informing them of the problem and I mailed them back the pictures. I also spoke to a rep on the phone who told me that it was a "technical error". Today, I received in the mail what I thought would be my pictures, but instead were the WRONG pictures AGAIN of the other family along with my original complaint letter to Snapfish. They taped a note on the package that read " Double Exposed: Film ran through camera twice before processing"... I am so furious!! So there answer to THEIR mistake is that I DOUBLE EXPOSED MY OWN FILM BEFORE PROCESSING!!!??? I don't even know the people in the pictures that they sent me!!! THEY made the mistake in the processing of my film, this is very clear and this is what they're supposed to be EXPERTS at doing???... And to handle this situation as poorly as they have, is what infuriates me. They could care less that they've lost my film. They have had no concern for my situation. This was very special film of my daughters 17th birthday and I trusted this company to handle their job professionally. They made a mistake by double exposing my film with someone else's and they're not even trying to rectify the problem. SO, there is another family out there somewhere who probably has my pictures, or double exposures like I do. Again, Snapfish could care less. They sent me back the wrong pictures with a note basically blaming me for the double exposure... CUSTOMERS BEWARE!! If you have "special" film to be developed, it's not wise to trust SNAPFISH because they really don't care!

  • Tr
    Trudi Farkas Aug 07, 2008

    I don't have a big complaint. On my last order there are six pictures on which the top (mostly the head of a person) was cut off. Is there anyway you can redo the pictures. I am not sure what number of the pictures you need. I will try to send you the following to see if that is what is needed for you to redo them.
    The pictures are: 100 4868
    Looking forward to your response.

    Trudi Farkas

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  • Al
    Alesia Palme Oct 26, 2015

    Snapfish is horrible. They have lost hundreds of my photos over the past ten years. I went to make a memory book and each album over years has photos that have been turned in to grey boxes. Snapfish has not even tried to help, just sent a flippant "sorry nothing we can do" . Their customer service, business practices, site and technology are all horrible and they have lost precious memories of my family.

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shipping scam!

I hope no one is trying to get the Christmas photo cards from Snapfish. I started 12/10 and thought, yes thought I had plenty of time because I was going to use the 2nd day shipping. It is 12/19 and I still don't have them. After emailing the customer service, or lack of, I find out they sent them regular mail. And after I demanded my money back, I was refunded a big $4 for the difference in shipping.

I just can't seem to get "Charlie" to understand getting your Christmas cards as this late makes the total order useless. I have asked for a refund 3 times, but all I get is that they should be delivered in 5-7 days. So, maybe I should have made my message: "Thanks to Snapfish, hope you HAD a nice Christmas"?

I would have never ordered these cards had there not been a 2nd day option for shipping... I am not wondering, was that just a scam to get people to spend their money for something that will come so late you can't even use it???

  • Je
    jessica lane Dec 19, 2007

    I have had a very similar problem with my photo ornaments order...advertised as 50% off! Then they are dumfounded as to why the demand was so high, and now they can't get their act together to get people their products on time!!!

    The Constumer Service reps are incompetent and nothing gets DONE UNLESS YOU DEMAND IT... ### - i thought that was what my $200 paid for!

    Let's get the word out! Snapfish promises services they can't deliever... this company is a fraud!

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  • Ni
    Nicole Kelly Jan 09, 2008

    Really glad I found this site. I ordered Christmas presents from snapfish that arrived way later than estimated. I printed a picture of the present for Christmas day since I didn't have the gift. I didn't even check if it was mailed in a different manner but regardless I was more than unhappy with the snapfish's shipping estimate and actual shipping time. I thought it was a fluke with Christmas time but now that I've read these compliants I am not placing any orders with snapfish until the shrekprints issue is resolved- the website says Jan 17th or later. After I order receive my free prints I want to evaluate the quality before I give them any more orders.

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  • Al
    alhassan ibrahim Jul 06, 2008

    hello i found it difficault to do shoping in snapfish especially when it come to upload photo i fount it difficault so i want to have a procedure from you

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  • Ju
    Julie 123 Aug 20, 2018

    We ordered some photo of you and they have come back terrible with head missing off half car they are not like what we sent in computer they are under my mums name Celia Scott 14 moorland cresent staincross if you can look into this please as we have had some before and they were great thank you

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  • Sy
    syndeelohoo Oct 22, 2018

    I ordered a photo album for my husband's 60th birthday party. The photos in the album and the reprints have a yellowish tint. I printed out a photo on my copier and it wasn't yellow like what your company printed out.
    I have used your company to print several other photo albums for my niece's
    bridal shower and the albums came out great!

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  • Ki
    Kimatt11 Nov 12, 2018

    This i's the first time i've used snap fish and will certainly be the last... I ordered some photos but I am extremely unhappy due to half of them having my daughters head cropped off them!!! It's rediculous!!! I would like a full refund please and I certainly won't be using you again and will tell my friends and family to go elsewhere too!

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