Smith's / money order

Edgewood, KY, United States

About a month ago I bought a money order from the Smiths in Edgewood NM. I sent the money order by mail that same day but as for some reason the mail didn't get to them in time they mailed the money order back. The had apparently stamped on the back of it but I didn't realize it until I was at the customer service desk. Now I understand that it's a strange situation but they were very rude about it. First she called the 800 number to check and see if it was still good which it was. Then they got a manager who basically made it clear she didn't want to nor have time to help me. Then the had me talk to the First Lady who basically said "it's up to me and I'm not going to cash it." Basically Smiths grocery has stolen from me! I will never ever do business with a company I don't trust and Smiths has lost mine. Not only will I not shop here again, but I won't shop at ANY Smiths or Kroger owned company anymore, and I will also actively dissuade others from doing business with this band of thieves.

Apr 27, 2017

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