Smashburger Woodlands / manager loni


We waited almost 20 minutes to order. They lost half my order and brought out my boyfriends food first. He received his burger 22 minutes before I received my food. I only got my food after asking why I didn't get it. I asked to speak with the manager. I very politely asked if there was a staffing issue today or a reason why we had such a poor experience. He said "I see you have your food now, can I do anything else for you?" He was extremely rude and and I asked for an apology or if he could do anything to help fix the situation. He ignored me and walked away. I got up to approach him and ask him for his name. He continued to ignore me and then looked me in the eye and told me to "get out of his face". He was aggressive rude, and I am shaking typing this. If this is the leader this company has representing their company I will never return to any smash burger location again.

I would really appreciate a call. My number is [protected]

Thanks for your time,

Jun 07, 2018

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