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I am a regular customer at SM Marketplace A Venue Mall. I have always noticed the rude and snooty behavior of the cashiers and sometimes I can't let it pass. Earlier I went to a free counter in which the cashier pointed out that it was for senior citizens and Prestige card holders only. Understood, I went to the next counter and waited a bit. My turn comes and there are 2 women in the counter, one cashier and one just standing there. I ask them to do a price check on an item that had no price. They then tell me "go to CS" I said "what?" then they point out the customer service counter less than 10 meters away, if I want to know the price of my item I need to have it checked myself. First of all, it is not my fault that the item had no price tag. Secondly, there were 2 women in the counter, why couldn't the second one have gone to the customer service counter to check for me? Thirdly, the way I was told "go to CS" was in such a snooty manner like they couldn't be bothered to do it and why am I hassling them by asking for the price.

The second girl left for a few seconds to get a paper bag and when she came back I asked her why she could not check the price herself. She said she was not allowed to leave the cash register. I pointed out 1. There was another girl at the cash register anyway and 2. That girl who said she could not leave just left for a few seconds to get a paper back which was almost the same distance as the customer service counter! Second girl could not really give me a straight answer after that, I just wanted to know WHY they are not able to provide decent customer service at least. The cashier, the whole time, had a smug sneer on her face too.

This is not the first time I have encountered such abhorrent attitudes at this outlet. I've seen cashiers just standing idly at the "Senior/Prestige Counter" while there are long cues in the other counters. In other branches. I have seen cashiers assigned to special counters help out with the other counters. It is only here that I have seen such deliberate acts to do as little as possible when on the job.

This is a lost cause right? SM doesn't care if their customers are being treated right or not, at the end of the day they still have a huge profit. I wish that some of their staff get a wake up call at least though and start working like they actually care about the job and even the customers at least.

I'd rather inconvenience myself by going to other supermarkets further away and more expensive than ever go back to this outlet. I hope they close down soon to be honest. Worst customer service of any SM supermarket I have ever seen.

Apr 01, 2017

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