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This happened this evening at around 6 PM of May 28, 2018 at Canon Store located in SM Annex in Project 6, Quezon City.

I and my kids went to Canon Store to inquire about Canon printer, their product. The lady who approached us and who tried to explain why we should buy a canon printer was way too rude and rough in her manners. I told her that we had some problems with our Canon printer before and asked her if that would not be case once we buy the Canon printer she was trying to sell us. I expected to hear good marketing statement from her but what she did was instead berated my kids including me for using Canon printer beyond its capacities and design. She, in short, blamed us for the troubles we had with Canon Printer.

I tried to remain my cool and instead asked my kids to leave but what she did was she started laughing at us, pointing at us and making us feel that we were so stupid for not knowing how to use the Canon that we bought previously.

I went back and told her that her manners and actuation offended me. I asked her name and she told me she was Mady or Mads. I was already not hearing her name right because my I was so offended by that time but she appeared to be the one having the highest position in that Canon store.

I was supposed to buy Canon printer but her manners and actuation changed my mind.

I do appeal that this person be enlightened on how to properly deal with customers. I was actually wearing Barong at that time. I do wonder how she would treat customers in lowly clothing who would try to visit their store and inquire.

I want her be disciplined.

May 28, 2018

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