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The problem started in August 28, 2007 when I approved for a GE Money Bank credit card to purchase a Stearns and Foster Queen Plaza mattress from Sleepy's. A month and half later the mattress in the middle was sinking in, causing my back to hurt severely doing my pregnancey. My fiance' slept on it as well and it as well and his back began to hurt him. So I called Sleepy and tokd them about the problem. The woman in customer relations told me it may be a defective mattress, to go back to the store where I purchase the mattress from, and they will exchange it for me. When we got their, my fiance' adn I spoke to a customer sales representative named Ray. He did the paper work and told us this was, 'an even exchange. When the delivery men arrive to deliver the other mattress they will return the first mattress back to the ware house.' I know this because; we asked him what will the company do with the old mattress. Ray the customer representative said, 'The mattress will be used as a floor model. He also said when the deliver men delivery my mattress the next day they will take the other mattress. This is where the problem brgan and all I got was a bunch of rude customer relations service from sleepy's workers. When I did finally speak to some one with some respect for customers; whose name is chanda Nixon, she offered me a $500.00 deduction off the $1918.22 mattress.This is the mattress I do not have, and a mattress that their delivery and sales representative workers took out of my one bedroom apartment-where there are three people living in this apartment. When ever I ask Sleepy customer relations about getting in contact with their deliverymen, to ask them about the mattress, Their answer to me 'they cannot get in contact with them because the delivery company are outside contractors and there is no way to get in contact to them.' My answer to that statement when they say it to me over the phone is always, 'God for bid if one of your delivery men came in here and did something criminal, what will your do and how will your get in contact with them?' That question has not been answered yet. I am still waiting, like I am still waiting for them to find the mattress that they are trying to charge me. I filed a case with the small claims court in Bronx, New York. We have a case that a scheduled for wednesday December 10, 2008 at 6pm When I spoke to Chanda Nixon on December 5, 2008 she told me over the phone that the case was settle, I never receive anything from the court or from sleepy's The Mattress Professional letting me know that the case was settle. Please any one out there need help or can help me with Sleepy's call me so we can STOP this company from stealing from consumers. I Belive Sleepy's The Mattress Professional are selling defective and used Mattress. I don't care what State you are in just call me please and if you won a case on Sleepy please call me.

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      Feb 13, 2009

    I have personally dealt with Chanda Nixon and know that she is a representative that DOES NOT hold true to her word...she only says what she has to to get you off the phone. In my dealings with this "woman" (and I use the word woman loosley" I found her unknowledged and extreemly crass, she also seemed to have a love of big words that she'd throw in from time to time in entirely the wrong context (buy a dictionary) ...when it came to resolving issues there is NO ONE in their "customer relations" department who gave a damn. Good luck getting any satisfaction...I cut my losses and took my business elsewhere

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      Mar 16, 2010

    I learned a very expensive lesson by buying from Sleepy's. I am out $1500 for a defective inferior product. I am tired of going through the particulars, but they also offered me $500 dollars store credit. I am not going to throw good money after bad. Had I checked with Consumer Affairs, the Better Business Bureau as I usually do before making a pricey purchase I wouldn't be in this boat. I am going to file a Small Claims, case and contact the Attorney Generals office. It seems to me there seems to be a pattern in that thousands of people make the same complaints of defective merchandise and voided warranty's. They also all have the same theme of being offered a $500 store credit. I have never heard of a situation where a mattress was taken away and not replaced, but after my dealings with them I totally believe this woman. I will post again with pictures of my mattress that looks life a muffin top.

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