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I bought a queen size matteress from Sleepys on November 27, 2008. A few red flags went up. The salesman said the price on the bed was a very good price. I liked the bed, thought it was a fair price and
I bought it. He was writing it up and then exclaimed that he couldn't put the price in the computer because it was so low. He had to call the management office to get an override code. He did call and got the code. He said the price on the bed was left over from the Friends and Family sale and shouldn't be there anymore. 2 things bothered me. One the Friends and Family sale had been over for 6 days - no one noticed this sale price on a bed that was directly next to the service desk? And 2) he didn't get up to remove the sign. I'm guessing if the wrong price was on something, as soon as you honored it for me, you would get that sign off the merchandise immediately...unless of course, this entire little charade was done to make me think I was getting a good deal.
The next step is what really bothered me. Delivery for the bed was something like 89.00. I have a van so I said forget it, I'll pick it up. He said, OK, you can pick it up in 2 days in the store 2 towns away. Still not too bad. But then he told me I had to pay a $29.00 delivery fee. And they would not help me load the bed into the car for insurance reasons. I had to do it all myself. What in heavens name am I paying 29.00 for??? The right to buy the bed? The right to take it from their store? I thought I paid that when I bought the bed. I can't imagine another store doing this. If I go to Macy's and buy a shirt, I don't expect to pay more to carry it out of the store.
Bottom's a hidden fee. The price they list will never be the price you pay. What a rip-off.

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  • Wa
      Mar 13, 2010

    it's 29 bucks to have them ship the merch from their warehouse to a showroom of your choosing. showrooms are not a little warehouse for cheepskates who do not want to pay for delivery. I wonder, did the the sales guy have a jeans and t-shirt on? no? i guess it isn't his/her job to lift a mattress either. you could pick it up from the warehouse for free.

    seriously, you're an idiot.

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