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I have had to make four or five service calls in a little over a year; EVERY time I'm on hold for between 20 and 40 minutes before I can begin to talk with someone. I would have called sooner after a problem but can't deal with the wait times. The phone message ALWAYS says "we're experiencing unusual call volume." Reps don't listen and only want to do what they know how to do, which is reset the bed. I recently found out from one of their independent contractors that they place a service call based on if they think it's the underneath of the bed or the top. Consequently, all the issues can never be resolved at once. This means that it's actually the rep determining issues, rather than a technician. On the last call the contractor noted that additional work needed to be done because they hadn't sent the right parts for what the problem turned out to be. Although the contractor sent numerous messages nothing happened to fix the problem. Last week I had the bed all the way up, entered the "flat" setting for the bed and walked away. When I came back I forgot I had theoretically put the bed down and got into the bed at the top position and it came crashing down to flat from the most upright position. That could have been devastating for a fragile person.

Issues in no particular order: 1)The bed now keeps "recalibrating" itself, sending both sides up and down. 2) I'm now afraid to put the bed down when I'm not in it for fear of what might happen. 3)The cords literally fall out of either the dual temp boxes or the other box that's under the bed, not sure which, and create "connectivity" problems on the remote and the bed won't work properly. (For this issue they only want to send new remotes.) 4) The dual temp "pad" is damaged from having the bed upright as the dual temp pad is inappropriately attached over the mattress (or it's a bad design) and is an uncomfortable lump under your butt when sitting up in bed.

I've had a Sleep Number bed before and there weren't problems even close to this. At that time they were responsive and the only call I made was resolved the first time, without a 40 minute wait time. One assumes the wait time is so long now because there are so many problems that are inappropriately addressed.

I'm sick and tired of spending approximately an hour of my time on each call with inappropriate results. I'm also sick and tired of having to crawl under the bed continually to fix things. When one pays a fortune for a top-of-the-line bed, one assumes it will work properly. It's been constant issues and I've been threatened with service call fees.

Resolution would be to have the bed work. Considering they have been unable to fix after this many calls, it would seem that a new bed would be the only choice.

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    My average wait time on the phone is 40 minutes! Then they just want you to reset the bed! (Could have done that WITHOUT waiting 40 minutes.) Explain, explain, explain. I discovered that the person you talk to turn out even tho they know nothing, they are doing the diagnostics. It's THAT person who actually orders the parts. That's why the parts are never right when the repairperson arrives. My last service call the repairman called back twice to tell them to send the appropriate part. Of course it never arrived. Since I don't have the time to sit on the phone for 40 minutes I haven't called back and the bed is always having issues and re-setting itself and CONSTANT connectivity alerts. What a rip-off! Can't lay down comfortably on the dual temp pad because it's damaged from moving up and down. I hope potential customers are reading this, because to them I say, "Run, do not walk, to a different bed company!"

Jan 25, 2017
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  • Ma
      Jun 14, 2017

    We are dealing with the same problem. It took hours to be able to talk to someone- never the same representative- so you have to repeat and repeat. If you leave messages they NEVER return your calls. They don't acknowledge your request for repair and you have to call to see if they are still in business. We bought the bed in Dec 2015, delivered end of January 2016...The repairman has to drive more than 100 miles. In May 2017, they replace the undercarriage and one month later My Husband cannot use his side stuck in the sitting position. After almost a week, the part has been sent to this repairman who is en vacation until...An alternate repairman within 100 miles is also en vacation. If we were strong enough [we are 77 and 80 YOA] we can turn the beds, remove a pin...oh you have to have 2 more people..sorry..So tired.

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