Sky Sportstotal bias

I always appreciate that there will be a little bias of ex football pro's when commentating on football matches live on Sky Sports as they are only human. Listening to Tony Gale in the first half of the West Ham v Arsenal match on sky sports 28/12/14 I really started to get fed up of listening to it. He was so West Ham bias, that when an Arsenal player was obviously kicked over in the west ham goal area, he said 'well I guess the red had to give it, but West Ham Re very unlucky'. This among other curious comment s he was making and has made in the past against Arsenal shows he has a real chip on his shoulder about them Nd I feel should be excused from commentating on them. I'm happy for Arsenal to be picked apart by people like Gary Neville and Graham souness as they at least given constructive and realistic refections on the game in front of them, even thought they are Man U and Liverpool through and through, they still stay impartial. tony Gale as far As commentating on Araenal is a discgrace. Sorry, but it is true.

Dec 28, 2014

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