Sky Sportsbias

The amazing anti-Chelsea tirade by Jeff Stelling on Sky Sports (28/12/14) illustates the clear anti-Chelsea bias in the media and Sky in particular. To paraphrase he basically said Cheslea being denied a clear penalty at Southampton was payback for the times they have dived to earn them. He made no such condemnation, to my knowledge, of the many dubious penalties awarded to Sky favourites Liverpool last season. In fact Sky revelled in Liverpool's (laughably) unsuccessful attempt to win the Premier League last year, fuelled by penalties. I did not see any condemnation from Sky of the disgraceful antics of Suarez at Norwich, where he went from writhing in agony to springing up and sprinting goalwards when a scoring opportunity appeared. Sky's anti-Chelsea agenda is perfectly clear - a hard earned point away at high flying Southampton negatively described as points dropped; whilst Liverpool scrambling 1 point from 6 with late equaliser is them on the way back. We know Sky's priorities, Liverpool and United, with Chelsea most hated.

Dec 29, 2014

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