Skechers USA / sketchers shoes purchased are defective

Gurgaon, India

Dear Sketchers Customer care team and Star Mall Team,

It has been very very bad experience of my first ever experience of Sketchers shoes, first time in my life I had purchased these shoes of Sketchers.

Two pair I purchased one for me and one for my wife, my pair has been at defect and threads are coming coming from everywhere but you denied it straight away. Okay fine!

Now why should I wear the shoes of Rs. 2500/- with defect, I would rather wear Rs. 500 Sparx shoes better than Sketchers literally!.

I have left my pair at Star Mall with no resolution, my money will be wasted but I will have some relief if I don't see the shoes again and again daily. I left shoes at 3:20 aproxxbtiming on 15th September 2018.

I would rather give Sketchers of my wife to some beggers, the quality level of shoes of sketchers for sure to come out of this mess.

Sep 23, 2018

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