Skechers USA / shoes/ product not received

United States

On 12/22, I ordered a pair of Relaxed Fit:
Equalizer 3.0 Emrick $65
style # 52928 BBK
size 12
Color: Black
standard shipping: $8.50
Total: $79.48

On 12/27/18: I received an email on indicating that there was a problem processing my order and to update my payment information. I would be given 5 days to update my payment. Thus I updated my information, twice on 12/27/18. At the time, I was out of the country however attempted to call customer service to ensure my update was successful, yet was unable to speak with anyone.

Since 12/27/18, I have constantly attempted to contact customer service concerning my order. I also sent 2 emails via the Skechers website and left my phone number for a call back. None of which I received a response. I even reached out to skechers Instagram page for assistance and nothing.

Today, I once again attempted to contact customer service and left a call back number. I finally received a call back in which the Skechers rep, indicated that they received my updated payment option however had in fact not even processed and/ or charged me for the item. The rep reported that due to the holidays and the cleaning of there inventory, my order had not been fully processed and/ or shipped. The rep indicated that she was unsure of why my order had not been processed once my card was updated.

Nonetheless, she indicated that she could try to get it processed on tomorrow, however there would be no guarantee.

Their was no accommodations offer for me my time and anticipation for my stepdads gift. This process has truly been frustrating and still leaves me empty handed.

Desirable resolution is to improve there customer services response time and a gift card towards in store purchase for my distress over this process. My stepdad has been expecting his gift, now I have to call him with the disappointment of him not receiving his shoes until I'm able to travel to him in person.

Jan 03, 2019

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