Skechers USA / customer discrimination

304 Li, United States

Dear Sir: I am a retired 63 yr. old female Guidance Counselor who loves your sketchers sneakers. I own 4 pairs. Your sneakers are so comfortable I bought one pr. for my 88 yr. old aunt and other pr. for my 90 yr. old mother. WE LOVE THEM! I normally buy Sketcher at your store in the Garden State Mall in Elizabeth, New Jersey because I can get them for about $10.00 cheaper in your outlet store(I've also purchased in NYC). However, the reason why I'm writing you is that when I've gone to the Sketcher store at the Mill at the Garden State Mall in Elizabeth, N.J. to look at new arrivals or consider purchasing another pair of sneakers, I've been approached by more than one salesperson within a 3-5 minute period after entering the store asking do I need help. Today, [protected]) I was approached by 3 sales people within a 3-5 minute period asking did I need help. Although the 3 sales reps. were polite ; I notice there were other people in the store that were not approached. This is not the 1st time that this has happened to me in this particular Sketcher store at the Garden State Mall in Elizabeth, New Jersey. This is a self-help outlet store where products are stacked up and the customer has to locate their size. If I were having a problem locating a size I would ask for assistance. However, it can be annoying when you're trying to make a decision about purchasing an item and examining a product when a sales rep. interrupts the thought process. Excuse me, did I mention I was African American. Therefore, I would like to suggest that the sales reps. at this particular store be given some extra sensitivity training when approaching particularly African American customers. I feel as if these sales reps. have already been trained to keep their eyes on African American customers and to approach them as soon as they walk into the store. It is insulting and offensive that I feel I can't shop in peace at this store or any store without feeling harassed. I know you may say" well if the treatment at this store offends you shop at another store". My response to that is why should I have to shop at another store because of the color of my skin. I have experience this type of discrimination several times at this store and today I was just sick and tired of being sick and tired. I hope that you can help in making the examining and buying experience at this particular store a normal event for all customers. Darnella K. Boles

Sep 21, 2018

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