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United Kingdom

Hired a compact car from Dublin Airport, registration 171D40409. No instructions or help with controls provided despite stating I had not driven a hybrid car before. Was told someone would show the controls but just given keys and told where the car was. It was not in the place stated and we had to hunt for the car. The hire was from mid-day 16th October to 20th October. I also hired a sat nav system which failed after only 3 hours. The system started up briefly then shut down. It was therefore defective and not as per my contact for a working fully serviced system throughout my hire period. It should also be noted that the breaks are also faulty with a scrapping sound when brakes are applied suggesting that the pads are close to end of life. This is quite alarmin* when descending.

On Thursday 18th a fault showed on the dashboard stating the battery cooling system required new parts from the dealer. This caused great consternation as it showed an Amber Warning. This has meant that our plans for Friday & Saturday now have to be changed as we will not use a defective vehicle. The next journey will be to return the vehicle, sat nav etc, to Belfast International airport as previously agreed.

Overall a very poor experience Therefore I expect a refund on the complete hire of the sat nav, and full recompense for not being able to use the car for one and a half days of the hire. I look forward to your response in the sprit of good will.

Peter Holman
124, Gravel Hill, Croydon, Surrey, United Kingdom

Oct 18, 2018

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