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Las Vegas, NV, United States
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Rented an SUV from SIXT a month ago in Vegas. The front tire shows a big bubble on the tire a few days later.

We asked for a replacement SUV. 10 days later, SIXT sent us a bill for $200 + $50 admin fee for a tire replacement cost of the first SUV we used. They said this is because the SUV is in our possession when that happened. The car already has 15K miles on it.

It can be wear and tear or a lot of factors caused that. I understand if I dented the car, it is clearly my fault...but for this, I have never experienced. I rented a mini-van from Enterprise and had a flat tier 2 years ago. They sent us a replacement mini-van without costing a penny more.

In both cases, we didn't have the rental car companies' add-on insurance.

I don't recommend anyone use SIXT from this experience.

They may have lower rates (if at all).They find ways to get you!

Jul 29, 2016

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